Why play games on a mobile casino in NZ?

Compared to desktops, there are a number of reasons to choose to play on mobile instead!

Not only can you play on the go, but you’re basically getting the same features as you would on the casino’s desktop site, sometimes even more!

Take a look at our chart below to compare mobile gaming vs desktop.

SafetyAnytimeAnywhereBonusesExtra Innovation

Playing on mobile is as safe as playing on your desktop

The mobile casino market in New Zealand is overflowing with options. Safety and security should raise the same kind of concern as getting the best casino bonuses or playing the best casino games. 

Even if a new mobile casino seems appealing, you need to make sure it is legal and fitted with the latest technology to protect your information and bankroll. 

This means, that any iOS or Android device should be as safe to use as any desktop computer. 

In our experience, they are! 

Any mobile casino sites recommended on NZCasino is safe whether you’re playing from your desktop or your smartphone. 

Any NZ mobile casino listed on our site are legal and must follow the below rules: 

Mobile casino bonuses and offers

It is quite rare for an NZ casino to exclude mobile users from claiming bonuses. 

The opposite is often true, with companies actually creating promotions specifically for mobile-users

Apart from mobile-specific bonuses, you can opt-in for welcome offers and other recurrent promotions from your iOS or Android devices. 

You just have to meet the general entry requirements and you can make use of any bonus the casino is running, regardless of the device being used. 

You can play anytime & anywhere with special features

Gaming while on the go is great! The best online mobile casinos allow you to spin the reels of your favourite pokies, or practice your Blackjack strategy on a whim. 

Regardless of where you are and what you’re in the mood for, these mobile platforms allow you to play at your leisure. 

However, a new mobile casino has a lot more to offer than just the ability to play from anywhere.

Live streams

Live streams on mobile are becoming popular in various sectors, including the online casino world. 

Today, live casino games are accessible from your smartphone or tablet, connecting you with live dealers through HD streams. 

Live games like Dream Catcher and Lightning Roulette are at your fingertips even from your smaller-screened devices. 

Face ID or Touch ID logins

Whereas from your desktop you log in using your user name and password, through your smartphone you can log in using Face ID or Touch ID. 

It is quite an innovative concept that is mainly restricted to iOS users, but it is evolving quickly and will become prevalent in the future. 

This kind of technology is quite simple to use. Instead of using your created credentials to access your casino account, it uses your face or fingerprints

Push notifications

Push notifications pop up messages to your device, even when you are logged out of the casino app. 

In this way, you’ll never miss an update, a new game release or a special promotion, as long as you have the casino app on your smartphone. 

Shake or swipe to play

To add to the tactile experience, some casinos have added a couple of neat features, like the shake or swipe to play

These features do exactly what they describe. If you are playing mobile slots, you need to shake the device or swipe across its screen to set the reels in motion. 

This adds a new dimension to the whole experience, increasing the entertainment factor tenfold. 

Other pros of playing at a mobile casino

While the above features make a new mobile casino in NZ a lot more exciting, the housekeeping side of gaming is also facilitated with sleek additions for that effortless experience. 

Now registration takes but a handful of minutes and payments can be affected directly from your phone. 

Easier to register

A smartphone’s ability to link accounts makes it possible to use other platforms to sign in. This speeds up the registration process as do SMS messages. 

Registering from your desktop often requires you to leave the casino page to retrieve the verification email or message.

Signing up from your mobile does not require such an action. Your phone can simply extract the information from the SMS message, streamlining the process even further. 

Easier to make payments

An additional benefit of a new mobile casino in NZ is payment methods

Mobile casino sites tend to offer classic payment options like VISA or Mastercard, but also mobile-oriented solutions. 

These are designed for mobile users and allow you to place deposits either through an app or else through your phone bill. 

It is the perfect solution when you want to have the flexibility of doing everything on the go. 

There are a few payment solutions that are ideal for mobile users, such as: 

Skrill and Neteller

What mobile casino games can I play in NZ?

Mobile casinos are a big business not only for casinos, but for the entire industry. Many players choose to play on their phones more than anything these days. 

To cater to this demand, developers are now angling their products for mobile-first.

New games are being designed with smartphones in mind, while old, popular games are being optimized so they can be enjoyed on the go as well. 

Mobile pokies

Mobile casino pokies work exceptionally well on mobile and incorporate fun features such as shake and swipe. 

It is easy to play! All you have to do is find a mobile casino in NZ, register, make a deposit and choose a game. 

Once the game has loaded up, all you have to do is set your bet and tap on the spin button. The latter action can also be achieved either by shaking your phone or swiping across your screen. 

Some online pokies that work exceptionally well on mobile are:

Mobile Live Dealer games

Live casino games are becoming well-liked by players too. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to join HD streams from any kind of smartphone. 

In this way, you can connect with live dealers and play a whole range of casino games from the best mobile casinos:

American, French, European Roulette House Edge.
Did you know this little fun fact about these classic Roulette options?

4 tips for how to play at a mobile casino in NZ

To make the most of gaming on the go, there are a few tips worth keeping in mind. 

This starts with finding the right casino app for you

Once you do, you need to choose the right games, manage your bankroll wisely and have a solid strategy in place. 

But let us elaborate a little further about these important steps: 

1. Read and research

The best way to start looking for the right casino app is by reading our casino reviews

We share everything you need to know from games, bonuses, payment solutions, customer care and more. 

2. Manage your money and time

Keep your bankroll well in sight! Mobile casino games are easily accessible and sometimes it is easy to lose all sense of time and forget how much you are spending. 

Our advice to you is to exercise Responsible Gambling by betting only what you can afford and not extend your sessions more than you should. 

Responsible Gambling
Stay safe out there by exercising Responsible Gambling!

3. Focus, focus, focus

Playing in a public setting, like on the bus or while waiting in line at the local grocery store, can present some distractions. 

After all, it is great to be able to play from anywhere, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. 

A game deserves your full attention if you are to enjoy it thoroughly!

4. Play what you like

Always play the games that you enjoy the most! This applies to every kind of casino scenario. 

If a game stops being fun then stop! An “expert” might pronounce Blackjack better than Roulette, but this might not be true for you. 

Mobile casino sites are designed to provide entertainment, thus always play games that you truly enjoy. 

Did you know? 

Modern technology has made it possible for you to resume your game if this is interrupted either by an SMS or a phone call. Casinos make use of servers to keep records making it easier to continue playing without a hitch. 

Mobile casino apps vs mobile casino sites

What should you choose: a mobile casino app or a mobile casino site? Let’s compare the two and see which suits your purpose best: 

Mobile casino appsMobile casino websites
Optimized for mobileMobile casino Apps are 100% optimized to work on mobileNot all online casino games are optimized for mobile
Instant playYou have to download the AppYou can play instantly
A wide selection of gamesNot all games are available on the app.There are lots of games you can play from your mobile browser.
Added securityMobile casino apps use features such as Face/Touch ID login.Mobile sites are secure but they only feature standard passwords.
Availability across devices Apps are available for iOS and Android devices only.Mobile casino sites are available across all devices, including Windows Mobile.

Top 3 best mobile casino apps in NZ for 2024

We encourage you to read our online casino reviews and choose a couple of favourites to try out. 

To help you start out, we’ve chosen a couple of our favourites, which are regarded as some of the best mobile casinos in the industry: 

1 – Mr. Green

Our verdict 

Mr. Green Casino is considered one of the best casinos in the industry and comes highly recommended. This is reinforced by the numerous awards it has received since its launch a few years ago. 

The Mr. Green Casino app is downloadable from all iOS or Android devices and provides the best that the casino has to offer. 

Mobile-users can enjoy most of the features we’ve mentioned: Face and Touch ID, exclusive mobile offers, and fast payment options

2 – Ruby Fortune

Our verdict 

This sophisticated casino has earned an excellent reputation in international markets. 

Its generous welcome bonus covers the first 3 deposits, keeping players in the game for longer. 

The casino features a rewarding loyalty scheme but also fast payment methods, the latest casino games for mobile and much more. 

3 – Voodoo Dreams

Our verdict 

Voodoo Dreams Casino is an innovative gaming platform that brings into the game some unusual perks. 

The first of which is the loyalty shop, where players can exchange their loyalty points for spells and curses made up of bonuses and free spins. 

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It features all the advantages available on the desktop with some additional touches like fast registrations, mobile payment methods and more. 

The best casino apps for Android

Although mobile casino apps tend to be compatible with both iOS and Android, some apps tend to perform better when used from an Android device. 

Here are some mobile casinos, ideal for the Android user: 

The best casinoaApps for iOS

If on the other hand, you have an iPhone or iPad, the below mobile casinos work exceptionally well on iOS: 

 Did you know?

Owning a smartphone with an internet connection is a lot cheaper than buying an actual desktop computer. This has strongly influenced the medium that players use to play online casino games. Combined with the possibility to gamble more freely, smartphones are a player’s first choice to play online. 

Game on the go with the best mobile casinos in NZ

The mobile casino scene in New Zealand is getting enriched each day! Casino apps are packed with games, fun features, and the latest security for safe gaming. 

This is great news for Kiwi players, who can now play at their discretion with hardly any limitations at all. The trick is to find out the best mobile casinos to suit your particular preferences. 

Our mobile casino app guide is meant to get you started on your journey and help you make informed decisions along the way. 

Once you’ve taken in all the things that matter, read our casino reviews, compare the facts and take your pick. When you’re ready to get started, remember entertainment is at the heart of online casinos. Never spend more than you can and don’t play more than you should. 

If you keep everything you’re read in mind, we have no doubt that you can make the most of the best mobile casinos from New Zealand!

Frequently asked questions

No! Once you’ve created an account, you can use the same credentials to log in from the mobile app or site. This is possible through the use of omni channel technology.
No! Although new games are program right away to work on mobile, old games tend not to work on smartphones, unless these have been optimized first. However, you can still play a variety of games that cover online pokies, table games, jackpot games, and live casino games.
All Slots Mobile Casino is available either by downloading the mobile app or else by accessing the casino website via your mobile browser. Most of its games, including live casino games, are available on mobile, and players can switch seamlessly between desktop and mobile using the same account.

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