All you need to know to boost your online casino gameplay

New to online casinos and not sure where to start? Or, looking to perfect your blackjack strategy? Find casino guides for your favorite games, bonuses, and more!

What can you learn from our casino guides?

Our online casino guide is here to help point you towards the best possible online casinos in the industry. 

As the New Zealand online casino market continues to grow and accommodate new online casinos, we want to push you in the direction of all the fun, safety, and great offers you could be enjoying.  


  1. Casino terminology
  2. Tips and tricks to improve your game
  3. The best ways to manage your bankroll
  4. Wagering requirements
  5. How RNG works
  6. What is House edge
  7. How to find High roller casinos
  8. Account management
  9. How important is the casino license?
  10. Blacklisted Casinos in New Zealand
  1. Learn the proper casino terminology

To equip you with the necessary tools needed to navigate the vast expanse of online casinos on the New Zealand market, we are committed to teaching you casino terminology. 

Terms you are bound to spot on a frequent basis across different game categories include terms like RTP, volatility, wagering requirement, free spins, bonus and more, as demonstrated in the table below.

Most used termsWhat does it mean?
RTPAn acronym for “Return to Player” which is basically a calculated percentage a player can profit from long-term gameplay. 
VolatilityThe risk, whether high or low, of losing a bet. For example, a slot with high volatility suggests that your risk of losing a bet is higher in comparison to a slot with a lower volatility rate. However, the wins, once paid, are bigger on slots with this kind of volatility rate.
Free spinsSpins in any slot that can be enjoyed completely free of charge.
BonusA bonus is usually an offer that an online casino gives players to use on a selected amount of slots in the form of money or free spins. In some cases, a bonus is offered completely free of charge, while other times it may come with a deposit requirement.
Wager free-spinsThese types of spins are considered the best type of spins as they allow you to keep the winnings you earn with them without having to wager them. 
Prize DropA random reward that occurs during an online casino promotion. 
Reload BonusA bonus that is offered to players who top up their player accounts with more deposits. 
RNGA random number generator. This is an algorithm-based feature that uses a random seed number that corresponds with the results in each game and that ensures that all gameplay is completely fair.
House EdgeThis is what the online casino you choose to play at will profit from your gameplay. 
High rollerA gambler who wagers large amounts of money on a frequent basis.

2. Tips and Tricks to improve your casino experience

We wish to point you towards the online casinos that will allow you to experience the best gameplay possible, and as such we want to provide you with all the knowledge aimed at making you better prepared to take on any online casino.

Below are some tips that can aid with elevating your player experience. 

  1. Read our reviews

Our Casino reviews are a great place to start if you are unsure about what online casinos offer the best bonuses, safety, and the most awesome games. 

We have experts dedicated to critiquing online casinos in New Zealand. 

  1. Watch streamers play

Watching streamers try out various online casinos is also another route to take in your quest to find the right online casino for you. 

Some good platforms to set your eyes on are platforms like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and even YouTube.

Here you’ll find various streamers trying out different games that may just catch your eye.

  1. Read on game rules and strategies

As the saying goes, “Knowledge is Power”, so you should definitely do your best to use all available resources to educate yourself about different games and their rules. 

Knowing the rules attached to different games will certainly give you the upper hand.            

  1. Practice playing for free

There are plenty of New Zealand online casinos that give you the opportunity to try demos of different slots, so you should definitely spend time practicing and learning the mechanics within a number of slots you’re interested in.

3. Learn how to manage your bankroll

Gambling can become obscenely addictive very quickly, so it is important that you have an idea about how much money you can afford to lose before you throw yourself into the world of gambling.

We advise you to stick to a budget that is befitting for your lifestyle and how much you earn. 

Luckily, many online casinos offer gambling limits, so you can set your personal limits within your player account. 

For more tips on how to play responsibly, plenty of online casinos offer Responsible Gambling pages that you can turn to.

4. Wagering requirements explained

Make sure you’re completely familiar with the terms and conditions attached to any bonus you are looking to claim so you know what you’re signing yourself up for. 

Here you’ll likely also find information about what wagering requirements for any bonus offered at an online casino. If you don’t remember what a wagering requirement is, please refer back to the table with gambling terms at the beginning of this guide. 

Your best bet is to go for an online casino in New Zealand that offers bonuses with low wagering requirements attached to them.

Of course, you also have the no-wagering casino bonuses offered by some online casinos to take advantage of as well. 

5. How does RNG work?

Wondering what on earth RNG stands for? It’s an acronym for Random Number Generator which, as mentioned in our table explaining gambling terms, ensures that any game you play is completely fair as no one can influence the outcome.  

6. Find how House edge affects your game

Shortly explained, the house edge at an online casino is what the online casino can earn from every game you play. 

To profit the most from every game you play at an New Zealand online casino, our best advice is to pick the games that have high RTP levels as this will increase your 

7. Discover the High roller casinos

Most online casinos cater to both regular and high roller players. But there are some platforms that are better suited for high roller players. 

If you’re a high roller player who likes to place large bets, you might find an online casino that you’ll really enjoy among the ones we promote on our site. 

8. Tips to managing your casino account

A good tip for signing up at an online casino is to look for one that provides users with gambling limit features. That way, you can set your own gambling limits and not worry about spending too much time or too much money playing at a particular online casino. 

Also, if you’re keen on alternating between online casinos, make sure that you’re keeping your login credentials in a safe place and not sharing them with anyone else. 

9. Casino Licenses explained

We cannot stress the importance of online casinos being in possession of a license to operate enough. It’s extremely important, otherwise your safety as a player at any online casino without one needs to be brought into question. 

An online casino with a license to operate ensures both your safety and enjoyment as a new or existing player at the online casino site.

Some of the licences possessed by New Zealand online casinos are usually distributed by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.