Best 3 casinos with low wagering requirements in New Zealand

Sometimes it feels like there are too many casinos to choose from. At NZ Casino we provide you with top lists of some of the best and most trusted casinos in New Zealand.

Good bonuses and their wagering requirements are good reasons why you should pick one low wagering requirements casino over another. So we take it as one of our main jobs is to hunt for the best bonuses in town for new players to pick on.

In this article, we are looking not only just at the best bonuses but also at the best bonuses with low wagering requirements. General wagering requirements range around 35-70. Anything below that amount is considered low wagering.

Here we have listed the top 3 low wagering requirements casino for New Zealand:

1. LeoVegas – $2,000 welcome bonus – 20x wagering requirement

Founded in 2012, lion-branded LeoVegas made its permanent mark within the online casino world – not just in New Zealand, but also worldwide.

The platform is not just loved because it features top games from giant providers such as NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and ELK Studios, but it features a staggering low wagering welcome bonus that can go up to $2,000 and 200 Free Spins – and a very low wagering requirement of x20.

2. This is Vegas – $2,000 welcome bonus – 30x wagering requirement

A distinctive feature for This Is Vegas Casino compared to others is that it enables players to play with cryptocurrencies – those some casinos are catching up with that, it is not as common either, so that is definitely a plus.

This is Vegas casino is also great because it welcomes its new players with one of the best bonuses out there – with a 200% bonus match, New Zealand players can get up to a $2000 welcome bonus as well as 125 Free Spins.

Could it be better? Yes. The wagering requirement for this bonus deal is as low as x30.

this is vegas casino nz casino new zealand
This is Vegas offers hundreds of slots for players in New Zealand

3. Mr Green – $1200 welcome bonus – 35x wagering requirement

Mr Green Casino is one of the oldies within the modern online world – founded in 2006, this low wagering requirements casino has packed up wisdom and knowledge within the industry – and today it stands as one of the most trusted casinos in New Zealand.

Mr Green is popular because it works with all the best game providers – 31 of them – with big names including Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and Yggdrassil.

mr green welcome bonus new zealand low wagering
Mr Green’s low wagering welcome bonus.

Are casinos allowed to offer low wagering bonuses?

Yes. First and foremost online casinos need to be properly regulated and licensed as per New Zealand law. That ensures safety and that the casino has to abide by and be constantly audited by its regulators. You can check out our list of online casinos in New Zealand – all casinos listed are safe and have been properly scrutinized.

When it comes to specific low wagering requirements, there are no laws that limit casinos as to the minimum and maximum wagering requirements they set to a particular bonus. Some wagering bonuses can even go high as x80 and some as low as x10 – which is rare.

What do we mean by wagering requirements?

Most casinos offer welcome bonuses – as a positive kick-off journey to the new players. Different casinos however have their own Terms and Conditions for their bonuses – one of them is the wagering requirement.

What we mean by the wagering requirement is that for a bonus to be claimed, the player must multiply his bet by the multiplying factor featured in the wagering requirement.

Putting it as a simple example – if a person bets $1 for a bonus that has a x20 wagering requirement, in order to claim the bonus, the player must bet that same $1 for 20 times – to possibly get the maximum out of the welcome bonus offered.

What does “low wagering” mean?

General wagering requirements of a standard welcome bonus generally range between 35x and 70x. Those that go below the latter range, are considered as a low wagering welcome bonus – that can go even as low as x10 and x5 – generally, the last two wager multipliers are more common with sports betting.

Did you know?
Did you know that casinos generate their wagering requirements through a specific bonus wager calculator – that calculates the best betting multiplier needed according to specific factors.

Types of low wagering casino bonuses

A low wagering requirements casino bonus is generally and most common for welcome bonuses. Still, with so many casinos, there is much room for creative types of low bonuses. Here is a list of them:

Low wagering free spins

Low wagering for free spins is not as common as for welcome bonuses but still ranks as the second most popular for casinos in New Zealand.

This kind of wagers generally range around 5x to 20x.

Low wagering welcome bonuses

As mentioned above, this is the most common type of low wagering bonus for the welcome package type of bonuses.

What is considered as low wagering goes below x35.

No deposit low wagering bonuses

There is low wagering, and there is no wagering bonuses – yes, that’s right. Though somewhat rarer, some casinos offer No Deposit Bonuses to give a good kickstart to their new players.

These type of bonuses are more popular with either brand new casinos or brand new games – so as to encourage new subscriptions, or with more seasoned casinos who afford to offer temporary no deposit bonuses as a limited promo offer.

What No Deposit low wagering bonus essentially means is that, the players need to do no deposit in order to claim their bonus.

Other types of low wagering bonuses

The low wagering casino bonus types mentioned above are the most common. Then there are the below ones which are pretty rare to find but they still exist.

Why are low wagering casino bonuses popular?

We like to keep it real at NZ Casino – nothing exists without its advantages and disadvantages – the same goes for low wagering casino bonuses. We have provided a list for both

Excellent for new players to kick off their casino journeyWin amounts are generally more limited.
Good if you want to try out new games – until you get used to themnot very common to find. we at NZ Casino have made it easier for our players to find them
You won’t suffer from the bankrollTime limits for low wagering casino bonuses are generally shorter than normal wagering requirement bonuses
The low wagering requirement is more realistic to make profits
Did you know?
Pokies are the most popular online game in New Zealand.
low wagering bonuses nz casino new zealand
What is considered as low-wagering values for casinos in New Zealand

How to claim your low wagering bonus?

Here are the 9 steps you need to follow to claim your low wagering bonus:

  1. Check our list of top casinos 
  2. Choose your casino
  3. Read their terms & conditions well
  4. Sign-up for a new account
  5. Deposit the minimum amount of money required
  6. Your account is now active and you are eligible for the low wagering casino bonuses
  7. Use the full bonus amount
  8. Check the amount of money you have to withdraw
  9. Decide if you should withdraw your money or leave it there to play further


First things first – choose the right casino for you. If you deem that a low wagering requirement for a bonus is a priority, then make sure that the casino you choose, offers such an option.

Once you do choose a casino, we suggest you always take a look at the bonus requirements and other terms and conditions that are there to protect you as a player.

Play Safe. After you’ve taken in all the necessary information, make sure you set yourself time frames and financial limits that will help you take control of your gaming experience – which, after all, is there to provide entertainment – and why not? Maybe land some wins during the process.

Frequently asked questions

What we mean by the wagering requirement is that for a bonus to be claimed, the player must multiply his bet by the multiplying factor featured in the wagering requirement. o if he bets $10 and the wagering requirement is x20, then that player would bet $10 for 20 times.
They have started to become more popular in casinos as they are considered to be a positive welcome package for new players.
A no-wagering bonus means that there needs to be no deposit in order for a player to claim a bonus. Casinos in New Zealand offer this option.

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