Wouldn’t it be great if we could play casino games for free? Luckily, there are plenty of online casinos out there offering casino bonuses, free spins and other cool offers for Kiwi players. So allow us to introduce you to the best casino bonuses in New Zealand, offered by licensed and reliable casino sites for use on online pokies and live casino games!

Lucky Days
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Top Providers
  • Accepts NZ Dollar
Lucky Days
NZ$ 1 000 bonus
  • Top providers
  • 1000+ games
  • Generous welcome bonus
NZ$ 1 500 bonus
666 Casino
  • Top Providers
  • Boutique Providers
  • 1000+ Games
  • 3 Tier Welcome Bonus
  • VIP Program
666 Casino
NZ$ 1 998 bonus
G'day Casino
  • Dozens of Game Providers
  • Regular Offers
  • Live Casino
G'day Casino
NZ$ 500 bonus
King Casino
  • Top Providers
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Weekly Tournaments
King Casino
NZ$ 300 bonus
Royal Panda
  • huge variety of games
Royal Panda
NZ$ 1 000 bonus
Vulkan Vegas
  • Top Providers
  • 2-Tier Welcome Bonus
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • Daily Tournaments
Vulkan Vegas
NZ$ 1 000 bonus
  • huge pokie collection
  • exceptional live casino
  • welcome package
  • loyalty program
NZ$ 300 bonus
Casino Friday
  • Top Providers
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • OnLine Pokies
  • Live Casino
Casino Friday
€ 100 bonus
  • Top providers
  • Welcome bonus
  • Unique loyalty scheme
  • High withdrawal amount
NZ$ 100 bonus

Best Online Casino Bonus in New Zealand 2020

How about playing your favourite online pokies or other games for free with a massive casino bonus? From NZ no deposit casino bonuses to welcome bonuses and free spins on pokies, there are plenty of casino bonus offers to benefit from at online casinos in NZ, both for new and existing players. Check out our online casino bonus guide to find out what makes the best bonuses in New Zealand and learn about the types of bonuses Kiwis can easily claim today!

The Latest Casino Bonuses for NZ for 2020

Here at NzCasinos, we aim to publish the best and latest casino bonuses that casinos have made available for players from New Zealand. We are constantly on the lookout for new bonuses and changes, so you can always come back and find the latest offers.

A number of online gambling platforms on our list of recommended casinos offer some of the best casino bonuses in New Zealand. If you would like to take advantage of their welcome bonuses then we invite you to click on the links in the above table, which will take you directly to each casino's registration page, where you may claim your NZ casino bonus right away. Alternatively, to get a no deposit bonus of 10 free spins as well as a welcome bonus, you can also join Royal Panda Casino via the link below.

NZ$ 1 000 bonus and 10 free spins.

What is a casino bonus

What is a Casino Bonus?

One way of attracting new customers and to keep existing ones coming back is by designing great NZ online casino bonuses. Kiwis will learn that most online casinos have a number of bonuses available for them, which usually start with a generous welcome bonus. Casino bonuses in NZ are often made up of either bonus money or free spins, or else a combination of both, allowing you to play online pokies and the other games for free. Weekly bonuses are often available for regular gamblers who play at the online casino a few times a week. Regardless of what a casino bonus consists of, the best part about this kind of offer is the real money wins that are still possible from these kinds of promotions. 

What does a Casino Bonus involve?

A casino bonus can be described as freebies from the casino. If they are in the capacity of free rounds for pokies, these would be the equivalent of free games. On the other hand, with other casino games, it might be a little bit hard to give free rounds, thus casinos offer instead bonus money which still allows for a number of free rounds on the game of your choice. 

Why do operators offer a Casino Bonus?

The online gambling world is highly competitive and operators do their best to be at the top of their game. One way of distinguishing themselves from others is to come up with clever ways to attract new customers. Everyone loves freebies no matter what they’re made of, hence casinos offer a number of bonuses to convince customers to join their platform over another. 

How do casino bonuses work

How do casino bonuses work?

Understanding how an NZ casino bonus works and how to claim it is important to help you make the best of any available bonuses you might want to enjoy. In most cases, casino bonuses consist of a predetermined amount of bonus money or spins. To be able to claim it, you need to make at least a minimum deposit, even though you might come across offers that do not require a deposit at all. The casino bonus must be used within a specific time frame preset by the casino, while there might be restrictions on the amount to be staked, how much can be won and on which games it can be used. All of this information is usually available in the terms and conditions, and considering the significance of certain terms, we encourage our visitors not to ignore the fine print. This is particularly important as it is the only way you can find out the wagering requirements imposed.

Casino Bonus Terms

As we have mentioned above there are a number of conditions that are linked to a bonus, and these conditions vary depending on the casino and the type of bonus you claim. To help you navigate around these terms, we have put together a short explanation of each one, so you will be able to identify the best casino bonuses that come with the most advantageous conditions.

Wagering requirements

Perhaps the most significant aspect of an NZ casino bonus is the wagering requirements. It is very rare to come across a casino bonus without any of these pesky strings attached, thus you might as well accept that they will always be part of a casino experience if you want to make the best of any casino bonus. However, depending on the conditions, some bonuses might still be worth claiming even if there are wagering terms dangling in the fine print. 

It is pretty standard amongst casinos to have wagering requirements varying from x20 to x40. What you need to look for is whether the terms apply only to the bonus money or to the bonus money and your deposit. Let us give an example to explain this a little better. We have a casino bonus of 100% deposit match of up to NZ$200 with wagering terms of x20 for both bonus and deposit. If you deposit NZ$200 and receive an additional NZ$ 200 then you need to wager NZ$400 x 20 = NZ$8,000 before you can withdraw your winnings. On the other hand, if the wagering terms apply to the bonus money only, then you have to wager NZ$200 x 20 = NZ$4,000 only. 

This is basically why it is so important not to ignore that tiny script at the bottom of the casino bonus offer. As can be seen from the above example, some wagering requirements might take a significant chunk out of your personal bankroll and your winnings, leaving you with very little to claim as cash wins. 

Game Restrictions

Bonus money and bonus rounds come with more than one set of strings attached. One set of strings is about the casino having a long list of games you cannot play with the bonus. If your favourite games are amongst that list, then you might want to look elsewhere for a casino bonus. After all, what’s the point in claiming that offer if you end up wasting it on games you don’t enjoy?

Minimum / maximum stake

Forget about placing the highest bet with the bonus money to reach the wagering requirements quicker! Casinos are well aware of that trick and have by now imposed limits on the maximum stake, which in most cases cannot be higher than NZ$5. Also, forget about winning big! If the stakes are restricted to the smallest bet and can’t go higher then NZ$5, with all probability any winnings will be on par with that stake. 

Bonus Expiry Date

Bonus validity or expiry date, tells you until when you can use the casino bonus. These can range from 7 days to 60 days. Free spins tend to come with a 7-day expiry date, while bonus money tends to have a longer shelf life. A good casino bonus would always give you time to reach the wagering requirements if they are quite substantial. It doesn’t make any sense to claim a bonus with wagering terms of, let’s say, x60 and you have to complete them in 7 days. That is setting yourself up to lose the bonus. It might sound unfair, and it is, but unfortunately, there are some casinos out there who have such offers. 

Deposit Method Restrictions

If you are about to join a new online gambling platform, and you’ve got your sights on a great casino bonus, you might want to take a look at the terms and conditions beforehand. Not only because of all the things we’ve mentioned above but also because some casinos restrict their bonuses to certain payment methods. Neteller and Skrill are two e-wallets that are often the target of such restrictions, so you might want to avoid them if you want to be eligible for that particular casino bonus. 

Market Restrictions

It is not so common, but some casino bonuses might be targeted for a specific market that is not New Zealand. In such a situation you won’t be able to benefit from the offer. This is usually indicated in the terms and conditions and can be located at the very beginning of all that tiny script. 

The terms and conditions mentioned above are those that you will encounter the most, however, different casinos have different stipulations, so you might want to read the fine print carefully every time. 

What makes the best casino bonuses in NZ?

We consider the best casino bonuses to be those that come with advantageous terms and conditions, that allow you to make a profit from the bonus. For instance, a bonus whose wagering requirements are too high would put you at risk of losing all your winnings while wagering, whereas a bonus with a limit on winnings can be very disappointing for players who have won a considerable sum from their bonus.  The best online casino bonuses are therefore those offers that:

  • consist of a decent amount of bonus cash or spins
  • come with low wagering requirements (or no wagering requirements)
  • can be used on a variety of games at the casino, and not just on one game.
  • do not impose a cap on winnings or prevent you from winning a jackpot.

These are the main points that we consider as we attempt to identify the best casino bonuses on the market. The right balance between the bonus size and the wagering requirement is ideal for players to stand a chance of making a profit from their bonus.

How to get a casino bonus

How to play with a Casino Bonus

In the above section, we have dealt with the most important things that make a great NZ casino bonus. In the next section of our NZ casino bonus guide, we shall go over everything you need to know to claim and use bonuses. 

How to obtain bonuses from an NZ casino

Regulations require the customer himself to physically claim the casino bonus. If it is a welcome bonus, this process will be included in the registration process and involves ticking a tiny box and placing a deposit. If it is some kind of a reload bonus for existing members, then a visit to the promotions page is in order, from where the bonus must be claimed manually. A deposit must follow for the freebie to become active and from there onwards you can start playing your favourite games. 

How to wager your Casino Bonus

When you’ve chosen the game you want to play, you will have to decide if you want to stake the bonus or your deposit. Choosing one or the other is easy as they are separated into two balances. When you are about to place a bet, it is up to you which balance to click on. 

Bonus funds vs. real money funds

In your casino dashboard, you will have two balances. One is the cash balance and shows your deposits, while the other displays the bonus money. When you claim a casino bonus, it will become visible under the bonus money tab, while any winnings earned before the wagering terms have been cleared will also be displayed under the bonus tab. Once wagering terms are completed, winnings are transferred to the cash balance from where they can be withdrawn. 

How to make money from Casino Bonuses

The best thing about casino bonuses is the possibility to make money without spending a dime of your own. There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting something back like playing high RTP games. SlotTracker is a great tool to help you identify the best pokies with the highest RTP in real-time. Furthermore, you can try playing jackpot pokies, although you have to make sure there are no caps on winnings, which will see you forfeit reluctantly your big win if they were part of the terms and conditions. Caps on winnings determine how much you are allowed to win, thus if while playing with that bonus or free rounds you happen to hit a big win, you might have to kiss it goodbye! 

Another trick is to stake the minimum bet with the bonus. In this way, you can get more rounds out of that casino bonus. The more rounds you play the higher the probability you will have to either hit a big win or else win more frequently.

How to cash out a Casino Bonus

A casino bonus usually cannot be cashed out, unless the wagering requirements have been cleared. Once the bonus has been wagered the stipulated amount of times, it will be transferred to your cash balance. From there it can be withdrawn through any of the supported payment methods. One tip we’d like to share is to find a casino that does not charge a withdrawal fee and accepts NZ dollars. Both the fees and the currency exchange risk, taking a substantial chunk out of your winnings.

How to claim a Casino Bonus

Kiwis will discover that there are hundreds if not thousands of online casinos out there, each one offering its own set of casino bonuses to entice gamblers to register with them instead of someone else. Thus to help you choose a casino and claim the best casino bonus we will go right ahead and share a few tips to help you choose what suits you best. 

Although an NZ no deposit casino bonus is the best casino bonus you might come across, these are often the exception rather than the rule, thus if no such offers are available, choose a bonus that allows you to deposit an amount that suits your pocket without having to miss out on the bonus. 

As we have established further up in this guide, the fine print is not to be ignored. Dedicate a few minutes to reading the terms and conditions to get a clear idea of what is expected of you in terms of wagering requirements, caps on winnings and other conditions. There might be casinos whose offers come without the detested wagering terms, but this is not always the case, thus choose a casino bonus that offers low or no wagering restrictions. 

If you want to benefit from a fair treatment with transparent bonus terms and conditions, always choose a casino with a license from a reputable gambling jurisdiction, such as the ones we recommend on our website. These regulating bodies make sure online casinos display their terms and conditions clearly and that they don’t market their bonuses in a deceptive manner.

What are the different types of Casino Bonuses?

There are various types of NZ casino bonuses that Kiwis can benefit from. Below we shall go over the most common kinds of bonuses featured at the best casinos in New Zealand. 

casino welcome bonus

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are considered as the biggest and most generous offers by a casino. With good reason, since they are specifically designed to attract new customers. You can expect offers varying from 100% to 200% deposit match with a cap on the amount, which some platforms might extend to cover the 2nd and 3rd deposits if not the 4th as well. The casino bonus over the latter deposits might be 100% or less, depending on the casino. The above type of welcome bonus consists of bonus money, however, some casinos might include in the package a number of free spins as well. A welcome bonus can be more specific as well, and might, for example, consist of chips for the Live Casino tables. 

How do casino welcome bonuses work?

No casino gives you anything for free, thus a welcome bonus can only be claimed by placing a deposit. The deposit allowed can vary from a small sum like NZ$20 to hundreds of dollars. Whichever amount you choose to deposit will depend on what you can afford. Casinos might establish a minimum deposit figure, however, it is almost never more than NZ$20. 

How to claim a welcome bonus

As we’ve said before this basically involves physically accepting the bonus during the registration process, while also placing a small deposit to be able to make use of it. Claiming a welcome package is not too difficult and the instructions offered by the casino are usually straightforward and easy to follow. 

Best NZ welcome bonus offers for new players

If you are on the lookout for the best Welcome bonus NZ available then you might want to check out Playzee Casino and Dunder Casino. Playzee Casino is offering a combination of bonus money and free pokie games with a deposit match of up to NZ$1,500 and 150 free spins. This offer covers the first 3 deposits for new registrants. If you wish to claim this casino bonus you can click on the below link! 

NZ$ 1 500 bonus and 150 free spins.

No deposit casino bonus nz

No Deposit Casino Bonus

We all love receiving something for free without having to give anything in exchange. And a no deposit bonus is exactly that: an offer without strings attached. As the name suggests, a no deposit bonus is a freebie that is allocated to the customer without asking him to place a deposit to become active. This kind of bonus can consist of a small amount of bonus money, although most of the no deposit bonuses we’ve come across are mainly made up of free spins. The number of free games is usually quite small and can be tied up with one particular pokie only. 

How do no deposit bonuses work?

A no deposit bonus is just like any other bonus, it is just the conditions under which it is awarded or becomes active that defer. While a welcome bonus, for example, requires a deposit, a no deposit bonus does not need any such commitment. One thing we’d like to point out is that because it is a no deposit bonus doesn’t mean there are no terms and conditions. This is still a casino bonus and can still carry wagering requirements and any other terms we mentioned earlier in this article. 

How to claim a No Deposit Casino Bonus

A no deposit bonus is usually tied to a new account and becomes available right after the registration process is completed. In most cases, there is no need to opt-in for the bonus, but this will depend on the casino. If the offer is available for existing players it will probably be added to a customer’s account when they log in during the time the promotion is ongoing. 

Best NZ No Deposit Casino Bonus offers

There are a number of NZ casinos offering a no deposit bonus amongst which Royal Panda casino. At Dunder Casino, new Kiwi members who register for an account will receive 10 no deposit free spins on NetEnt's popular Starburst slot. You can claim this no deposit bonus from the below link!

NZ$ 1 000 bonus and 10 free spins.

free spins bonus nz

Free Spins Bonus

We know how much Kiwis enjoy playing online pokies and we know how much they love free spins even more. The best NZ casinos offer numerous opportunities to claim free spins on pokies which might be part of a welcome package, a casino bonus for existing members, a reward when a new VIP level is unlocked or even when you participate in a pokies tournament. All you need to do is keep your eyes wide open or visit this site to discover new free spins offers. 

How do Free Spins bonuses work?

Bonus rounds can either be attached to a particular pokie only or to a set of pokies either from the same provider or else bearing the same theme. Two online pokies that are often the target of free game giveaways by casinos are Starburst and Book of Dead, two all-time favourites that never cease to become boring. 

How to claim a Free Spins bonus

Bonus rounds are a set of complementary rounds on the pokies. Usually, you need to make a small deposit to be able to use them, while if they are linked to a new VIP level, they will be awarded like a reward. The number of rounds can vary but since this does not involve a deposit the number given would be quite small. If free turns are part of a tournament, this would consist of a number of free games given to each contestant who will then proceed to use them on a specific game. The best part about participating in tournaments are not only these complimentary games that can be awarded but also the grand prizes. 

Top NZ Free Spins bonus offers

Players at iLucki Casino have the opportunity to claim 100 Free Spins as part of their welcome bonus. Visit the casino through the below link to make your initial deposit and claim your spins!

NZ$ 500 bonus and 100 no wagering free spins.

Reload Bonus nz

Reload / Deposit Bonus

A welcome bonus will get you started, but it’s the reload bonus that will keep you going. These are often available on a weekly basis, mostly consisting of a deposit bonus match which is usually lower than the welcome bonus, with a range between 25% to 50% of your deposit. Bonus Rounds are also a possibility, often targeting specific pokie games. 

How do reload bonuses work

Reload bonuses are usually available for existing members. It could be either a limited time promotion or else a weekly casino bonus available for customers on a specific day of the week. A reload bonus is very similar to a welcome bonus in concept including terms and conditions. It is only the percentage or amount of the casino bonus that varies. 

How to claim a reload bonus

Claiming a reload bonus is actually quite easy. A visit to the promotions page of a casino will let you know right away if there are any reload bonuses available. From there you can click on the offer you wish to make use of, read the terms and conditions, and if a deposit is necessary to claim it, proceed with the transaction. Reload bonuses are hardly ever allocated automatically and in most cases need to be physically claimed. 

Best Reload Bonus offers for New Zealand

Playzee Casino has a different reload bonus every day of the week. These casino bonuses range from bonus money, loyalty points and specific offers for the Live Casino. Check out what is today’s casino bonus offer by clicking on the link below!

NZ$ 1 500 bonus and 150 free spins.

Royal Panda Casino also has a generous reload bonus available for those joining from New Zealand. Its reload bonus consists of a 50% boost of up to NZ$150 and is available every Friday. 

NZ$ 1 000 bonus and 10 free spins.

No wagering bonuses

No Wagering Bonus

This is one of the most popular bonuses amongst gamblers from New Zealand. What’s not to love about a casino bonus with no wagering requirements!? That’s right! A no wagering bonus might still require a minimum deposit at the very least, however, there are no pesky wagering terms. This means that any winnings go straight to your cash balance and you can withdraw them right away. Our only regret is that such casino bonuses are the exception rather than the rule, making them as rare as an oasis in the desert. 

How do no wagering bonuses work

A no wagering bonus can be a welcome bonus or else a reload bonus. As we said they are not so common amongst casinos, but some of the best casinos like to have at the very least a small bonus with no wagering requirements. Whether it consists of bonus money or free rounds, you can use them up just like any normal casino bonus, the only difference being the winnings allocated to your cash balance instead of your bonus balance. 

How to claim a no wagering bonus

Claiming such a casino bonus is easy and not at all different than any other bonus. If it is part of the welcome bonus scheme you need to make a deposit, likewise if it is some other kind of casino bonus. You might, however, come across a wager free no deposit bonus which is allocated as part of the welcome package once you register for an account. 

Best NZ no wagering bonus offers

If you are looking for that NZ no wager casino bonus then look no further then LeoVegas Casino! If you register for an account with this operator, not only will you receive 22 no deposit cash free spins, but there are no wagering requirements as well and any winnings go straight into your pocket. Click on the below link to claim this incredibly generous casino bonus!

NZ$ 1 000 bonus and 22 no deposit free spins + 100 free spins.

Cashback casino bonus

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are also quite popular amongst casinos and offer the possibility to make back a small percentage of your losses. The percentages offered can vary from 10% to 20% and although this kind of bonus does not award you with anything extra it is still a great way to make back some of the losses. Who knows maybe next time that little extra something might land on a generous win! 

How do cashback bonuses work

For some casinos, a cashback bonus is a regular thing and customers will have to choose themselves to claim their cashback. The casino usually keeps track of all your losses and wins and thus it can easily calculate how much money resulted in a win and how many resulted in a loss. The percentage is usually worked on the money you lost and that never materialized in a win and although percentages are quite low, it is always great to be able to make something back and bet it again on what could become a significant win.

How to claim a cashback bonus

Unless the casino advertises this directly to your casino inbox, those who offer it will have it featured amongst their regular promotions. With all probability, to claim this particular bonus you need to contact the customer team and express your wish to avail yourself of the promotion. Once the support team calculates your losses over the stipulated period they will credit the bonus to your account. 

Top NZ cashback bonus offers

Royal Vegas Casino has a regular cashback offer through their bonus wheel. So take a spin and test your luck, since rewards may involve bonus spins or cashback bonuses!

NZ$ 1 200 bonus.

Live Casino Bonus

Live Casino Bonus

As the name suggests, an NZ Live Casino Bonus is specifically set up for the Live Casino. Whether it consists of bonus money or casino chips, it cannot be used on any other kind of game. The Live Casino can be either a welcome bonus or else it could be a reload bonus specifically rolled out for the Live Casino enthusiasts. Let us take a look at how it works and what to do if you want to claim a Live Casino bonus. 

How do Live Casino bonuses work?

If it is bonus money, it can be staked just like every other casino bonus. You might want to check the terms and conditions of the offer just in case particular tables are excluded, but on the whole, it works just like a normal NZ casino bonus. If it is casino chips, the ideal way is to check before what the value of each chip is. In most cases, it would be quite simple, for example, 1 chip - NZ$1, but this might vary with each individual casino. There could also be limits to how much chips you can use for each bet so ideally, you don’t ignore that fine print. 

How to claim a Live Casino bonus

By now we all know the drill! Deposit and opt-in for the casino bonus physically. Easy peasy! We cannot stress enough the importance of reading the terms and conditions before signing up for an offer as this will tell you right away whether it is a good bonus or a promotion you should steer clear of. 

Claim the best NZ Live Blackjack bonus 

If you enjoy table games, then you might want to head over to Royal Panda Casino for their Lucky 21 promotion. This fantastic casino bonus is available on the 21st of every month and involves playing at any of the Live dealer Blackjack tables for the chance to win NZ$210 in cash.

NZ$ 1 000 bonus and 10 free spins.

mobile casino bonus nz

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Many online casinos have launched a mobile app, with some of them releasing mobile-related casino bonuses. When we say mobile-related, it technically means a bonus available only through mobile. This might consist of bonus money or even bonus rounds and is a great way to encourage you to download the app and enjoy your favourite casino games while on the move. 

If your favourite casino does not happen to offer a mobile bonus, it would probably have their regular casino bonuses available through mobile as well, so you do not need to worry about missing out on some great bonuses. 

How do Mobile Casino Bonuses work?

A mobile casino can be bonus money, bonus rounds and even casino chips. It can be part of a welcome package, a reload bonus, a cashback or any other type of casino bonus we’ve mentioned already. It is used in exactly the same way as when you claim them from the desktop version. Terms and conditions apply here just like everywhere else, so you might want to check them out to make sure the deposit is affordable and any other stipulations are fair and can be met. 

How to claim Mobile Casino Bonus

Just because you are playing from your mobile doesn’t mean that the experience is any different. Claiming casino bonuses from your smartphone is easy and still requires you to opt-in and make at least a minimum deposit, regardless of the offer. 

Best Mobile Casino Bonuses

Every casino will make available its bonus to players who join via mobile these days, so you won't miss out if you're playing on the go. Usually, a mobile casino bonus will consist of the same amount offered via the desktop site.

Start claiming the best Casino Bonuses in New Zealand today! 

The online gambling world is thriving with online casinos all vying for attention. With this many casinos come hundreds of different bonuses and for many, it is difficult to select the fair and truly generous ones from those who are only after your money. In our NZ casino bonus guide, we’ve shared everything we know about casino bonuses to help you recognize a good offer from a bad deal. 

Different casinos tend to have different casino bonuses and the terms and conditions of each are equally varied. That is why we hope that our comprehensive NZ casino bonus guide can help in acquiring precious knowledge that would lead to a rewarding casino experience! 

NZ$ 500 bonus and 50 free spins.


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