Payz review – Safety first!

Payz is an accredited and regulated e-wallet (a type of payment method that uses a digital account where you can store, send, and receive money) which is accredited through the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. 

Payz also boasts over two decades of experience and shows consistent growth in turnaround and profit.

The security features of this payment method include a two-step authentication. When registering, you will need to supply a mobile phone number.

Once you activate the two-step authentication, you can choose to have an SMS sent to your number or use an authenticator app to verify your account.

Payz also meets all the latest security standards, which include fraud protection and data protection, and will never share your financial data with third parties.

Payz also keeps all of the deposits received, unlike banks. This means that even if something happens to the company, you will still be able to withdraw all of your money

Two ways of keeping your information safe are through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is designed to strengthen the control that users have over their data and privacy, and the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

While GDPR protects user data, the KYC process is performed to prevent illegal activities such as money laundering or fraud. Here at NZCasino, we promote only licensed, safe and trustworthy casinos through our honest casino reviews.

Did you know? 
Payz will never ask for your personal information or login details via email. If you receive an email from someone stating that they are from Payz asking for this information, it’s most likely a phishing email.

How to use Payz at online casinos?

Payz has five different account types that you can sign up for: Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. 

It is free to register for your Payz account. This also applies to transfers between Payz accounts.

There’s a slight change in price when it comes to the cost differences between the five different Payz accounts.

While VIP clients get a discount on these fees, the costs for currency conversion are less among the more premium accounts.

Payz's Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP account types
Check out and choose the best account type for you!

Are there any fees when depositing and withdrawing at the Payz Casino?

The most common fees when depositing and withdrawing at Payz Casino are:

Bank Wire Deposit0-7%0-7%0-7%0-7%0-7%
Credit Card Deposit1.69-2.9%1.69-2.9%1.69-2.9%1.69-2.9%1.69-2.9%
Bank Withdrawal Fee$9.60-$16$9.60-$16$9.60-$16$9.60-$16$9.60-$16
Currency Converter2.99%2.99%1.49%1.49%1.25%

The differences between the accounts depend on how premium the account is. The higher the account is, the more you will be able to do with it.

How to place a deposit and withdraw your winnings using Payz?

Placing a deposit with Payz is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the page for deposits at the online casino and select Payz as the payment method; 
  2. Provide your username and password;
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit. 

It is important that the amount is also available in the e-wallet. Once you have validated the transaction, the money will be credited immediately.

The procedure to withdraw money is also very similar to the depositing process: 

  1. Select this payment method on the page for the withdrawals at the online casino;
  2. Enter your username and password and the amount you wish to transfer.

When the transaction has been validated, the money will be available either immediately or within a few days.

Did you know?
The amount of time it takes for the money to be available depends on the casino’s policies.

Solutions to common issues when using Payz at online casinos

Running into problems while playing is nobody’s idea of fun, but there are solutions available to you. Here are some answers to questions you may have:

Always check if the terms and conditions cover you if you’ve made a mistake with your deposit before reaching out to contact customer support.

If you think you may be a victim of fraud, you should change your password and update your security questions immediately to protect your account. You are also advised to report any suspicious activity to Payz.

Did you know?
Payz uses the same encryption services like online banking to protect your data and personal details.

Pros and cons of using Payz at online casinos

Low feesSometimes difficult to reach phone customer support
Fast paymentsSlow app
Secure e-wallet

Payz vs other payment methods

If you’re considering an e-wallet or online payment account, the chances are that you are looking at a few different options. 

Our aim is to help you find this information through this easy to follow table that compares the four most well-known online payment methods in one place:

Available accounts1112
Available currencies50282825
Welcome offerSometimes
Account management feesFreeFreeFreeFree
Sending P2P feesFree1.45%1.45%Free
Receiving P2P feesFreeFreeFreeFree when local, 2.9-7.4% internationally
Bank transfer fees0-7%1.9%2.5%Free
Two-step authenticationPayPal security key
Casino Bonuses
Did you know?
Payz prides itself on always listening to their customers and commitment to providing the best service and solutions.

For safety, swiftness and reliability, use Payz!

It is safe to say that Payz is a fast, secure and reliable payment option.

Apart from having many years of experience, the Payz welcome bonuses are a perfect addition to NZ players looking for their preferred payment method.

Welcome bonus

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Frequently asked questions

Payz is an accredited and regulated e-wallet through the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. 
Some online casinos in New Zealand accept Payz as a payment method. To check whether a casino accepts PayPal, you can visit its FAQ or Payments Information page.
To withdraw, first select this payment method on the page for the withdrawals at the online casino, then enter your username and password and the amount you wish to transfer.

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