Are cashback casino bonuses legal in New Zealand?

Yes, cashback casinos in NZ are legally allowed to offer cashback as one of their player rewards. This means that, as long as you play at New Zealand casinos that is licensed and regulated, you can avail of any cashback bonus without worries.

Cashback is a popular type of online bonus for players in NZ that they should know about. Moreover, this player bonus is normally calculated on losing wagers. As a result, offering cashback casino bonuses over other rewards allows operators to reduce their marketing spend whilst providing players with a pick me up when they lose a bet.

Best cashback bonuses in New Zealand

In the next part of this casino cashback guide, we will list the best NZ sites on which to claim this bonus.

1. Mr.Bet cashback bonus

Mr.Bet Cashback bonus up to 5% of your spend.
NZ players can benefit from 5% of the funds spent in the previous week!

Mr.Bet offers an advantageous cashback bonus that is based on the NZD amount that you deposit, rather than your wagering losses. As a registered player, you can get up to 5% of your spend credited back as casino cashback automatically every Friday.

2. Wildz cashback bonus

Up to 20% cashback bonus for NZ Wildz Loyalty+ members.

Wildz offers a cashback bonus to all of its Loyalty+ members. As a member, you can receive up to 20% along with several other perks.

3. Vulkan Vegas cashback bonus

Just like almost all cashback casinos, Vulkan Vegas offers existing players the opportunity to claim up to NZ$ 2,000 in cashback each week.

Vulkan Vegas cashback casino for NZ players
Did you know?
The best cashback casino bonuses are normally reserved for loyalty or VIP Club members. If you’re joining a cashback casino, you should consider enrolling in such a rewards system. 

What exactly is a cashback bonus?

A cashback casino bonus is a player reward that is based upon the value of deposits, wagers, or losses of an individual player over a specific period. Some players feel that the best cashback casino bonuses are based on your wagers or deposits, rather than your losses. However, the cashback percentage on losses is usually higher.

Why are casinos offering cashback bonuses?

Most cashback casinos in NZ offer a range of welcome packages and ongoing promotions that sometimes include cashback. As part of this casino cashback guide, we’ve created the following comparison table to help you understand the pros and cons of casino cashback bonuses provided through different promotions.

Cashback vs other B=bonuses

Types of casino bonusIncludes cashbackA cap on cashbackDeposit requiredOnly available for new players
No DepositNoN/ANoSometimes
Free SpinsNoN/ASometimesNo

Advantages and disadvantages of cashback bonus

Here are some of the main pros and cons of cashback casino bonuses:

Provides you with a bonus without needing to place a specific deposit for it.
Only a relatively small (5 – 25%) of your losses are normally available for cashback.
Reduces your overall losses.Most cashback offers are subject to losses rather than wagers or deposits
Low wagering requirements.
Reward value calculated over multiple hours or days

How do cashback bonuses work?

All cashback casino offers tend to be calculated on the value of losses or wagers. Let’s take Mr.Bet’s casino cashback offer as an example. This operator will provide you with 5% of your weekly wagers as long as you meet or exceed the minimum limit of NZ$750.

If during a particular week, you wager NZ$1000 on Mr.Bet, you’ll automatically receive (5% of NZ$ 1000) NZ$ 50 as a cashback bonus.

Should a cashback casino only provide this bonus based on your losses, you will need to deduct any winnings from your spend. The percentage cashback is calculated on the result.

Why reclaim a cashback bonus

Cashback casino bonuses provide you with a reward based on what you’ve wagered or lost. They’re a relatively simple bonus to understand, and the best cashback casino bonuses tend to feature very reasonable terms. These include a wagering requirement of 1x or 0x on most offers.

Did you know?
Most cashback casino bonuses can be wagered on pokies, virtual table games, and speciality titles. You should always read the full T&Cs of an offer before opting in.

Types of cashback bonuses

In this section of our casino cashback guide, we’ll look at some of the most popular forms of cashback offers:

No wagering cashback bonus

This is the most popular type of cashback casino bonus as you are free to withdraw it immediately without first needing to wager it. Mr.Bet sets no wagering on its 5% cashback bonus.

Weekly cashback offers

These are offers that are calculated on your spend or losses across a week. Vulkan Vegas, for example, calculates its cashback casino bonus based on Monday to Sunday losses.

Daily/”unlimited” cashback offers

You can get daily or unlimited rewards at some cashback casinos, including Twin. On such platforms, the amount of cash that’s rewarded is calculated on your daily spend, losses, and loyalty club level.

VIP cashback

The best type of cashback is reserved for members of casino VIP Clubs. By joining Conquestador, for example, you can claim up to 0.25% in cashback monthly with a 0x wagering requirement.

Did you know?
As you can see in this casino cashback guide, there are several different times of bonuses available. If you have any questions or doubts about a cashback offer, you should get in touch with the casino’s customer care team.

How to cash out after using a cashback bonus?

Casino cashback offers can sometimes set limits or other conditions on cash out. Here are some of the most notable ones:

Maximum cashback limit

Many cashback casinos will impose a maximum value on the bonus. A cashback offer of 10% on wagers with a limit of NZ$ 100, for example, would still only pay out NZ$ 100 even if you’ve placed NZ$ 1,500 worth of wagers.

Cash out limits

Some casinos may set a limit on the amount of cashback bonus funds that you can withdraw back to your bank account. This restriction is rare for this type of bonus and is normally applicable to free spins.

Bonus percentages and payouts

The cashback bonus that can be paid out to you and the payout period vary by casino operator and promotion. Honest and reputable sites, such as the ones listed on this cashback casino guide, feature their terms upfront.

Did you know?
Cashback casino bonus offers are subject to change at any time. You should always read the updated T&Cs directly from the casino’s website.

Solutions for common issues

Here are some of the main difficulties that players encounter when using cashback, as well as ways to resolve them:

  1. Getting less cashback than anticipated – Always read the full list of terms and conditions to check the exact periods in which cashback is being calculated and which pokies or other casino games are eligible.
  2. Cannot withdraw cashback – You may need to wager the cashback on eligible games before you can withdraw it.
  3. I’ve lost my cashback – Some casino cashback offers have a validity period within which you need to fulfil the wagering requirement. If your bonus suddenly disappears, the validity period might have expired.
Did you know?
The best way not to lose your cashback bonus is to fulfil any wagering or other requirements as quickly as possible.

Tips when using a cashback bonus

We conclude this cashback bonus guide with a list of tips to help you make the most out of this player bonus:

  1. Always read the Terms and Conditions;
  2. Check wagering requirements before you grab a bonus;
  3. Make sure your payment methods are accepted;
  4. Look out for location restrictions;
  5. Check on the withdrawal times.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve listed some of the best rewards for Kiwis in this guide. These are all provided by safe and reputable sites.
In most cases, you won’t be allowed to combine player rewards. If in doubt, you should speak to a casino customer care representative.
Most cashback rewards are subject to a wagering requirement and are calculated on wagers or losses made on particular games, such as pokies. You can find other common T&Cs in our cashback casino guide.

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