Best 10 Live Roulette casinos

Below you’ll find where to play Live Roulette. We thoroughly review all the recommended NZ casinos to play Live Roulette to ensure quality services and live dealer Roulette games. We list the top 10 Live Roulette casinos below.

#2BitStarz Casino
#3Slotwolf Casino
#4Bitkingz Casino
#6King Billy Casino
#10Kakadu Casino

What makes a Live Casino the best 

Finding the best Live Roulette casino means considering a few factors, like the quality of the casino’s games and services. However, one of the most critical aspects when looking at what a Live Roulette casino must have is whether it has multiple live dealer Roulette variants.

Different variants available

Different variants offer different things. The RTP can change depending on the variant, as can the rules and gameplay. Check our Roulette variants page for more information.

Overall good payouts ratio 

You can tell a lot by a casino’s payout rate, as a higher payout rate means the site is more used to high-payout games and offers fair terms. We consider the casino’s payout with the game’s RTP, as two high percentages combined are better than lower ones.

Interesting Live Roulette bonus & offers

Some casino promotions are targeted at live games. In this case, you can claim an exciting bonus to boost your bankroll and play Roulette live with extra funds.

What is a Live Roulette game?

There’s a significant difference when you play Roulette live and online virtual gameplay, which we explore more in-depth below.

Differences between Live Roulette and online Roulette

Online Roulette games mean you play against automated software using RNG to determine the results. Depending on the variant, it could look realistic using 3D software, or the wheel can be a 2D digital version. 

Online Roulette

On the other hand, a Live Roulette wheel has an actual croupier operating the game, answering questions and announcing results.

Are the bets in Live Roulette the same as the online version?

There are some minor differences between live and online bets for this game. The basic wagers are the same most of the time, so the standard inside and outside stakes are universal. However, online versions can have more variety of side bets, different betting limits and even bet multipliers.

Are all the Roulette variants good enough to play in a live version? 

Since a Live Roulette wheel requires a dealer and a physical wheel, you’ll find many popular variants available live. Online games tend to favour standard Roulette versions. Namely, American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette.

How to play the Live Roulette?

Before you bet on a Roulette live stream game, you must know the rules and strategies.

Basic rules summary

The Roulette rules are fairly simple once you understand them, as the game’s basic premise is betting on which pocket the small ball will land. You can make a call, fully complete, or final wagers, with these stakes divided into inside or outside bets. 

Inside wagers focus on a specific number or series of ones, while outside bets state one of two options might happen, like red/black bets.

Live Roulette strategies

As with most casino games, players invented various roulette strategies to use while playing this game. However, it’s vital to remember this is a game of luck, and these methods manage your bankroll rather than guaranteeing a win.

Best strategy for Live American Roulette

The Paroli strategy is better for the American variant, as the American wheel has a zero and double zero pocket, and therefore a higher house edge. With Paroli, you double your bet if you win and try to land three consecutive wins. 

House Edge American, French and European roulette

After landing three wins or if you lose, you revert to the initial bet, meaning it’s not as risky as reverse progressive methods.

Best strategy for Live European Roulette

The Labouchere system is a good option for European Roulette, which has one of the lowest house edges. You must decide on the total winnings you’d like to achieve, and divide that number into smaller ones that total it. 

The idea is you use the far left and right numbers to form your bet, with a win removing them and a loss adding the stake amount to the end of the sequence.

Best strategy for Live French Roulette  

The Martingale is a risky strategy but a better fit for French Roulette, which has the la partage rule that can return half your bet if an outside wager results in a zero pocket. This strategy has you doubling your stake after each loss, hoping to win all your losses back in a single win. 

While it’s a better fit for high-rollers or large bankrolls, it’s also an option for the French variant, which is similar to the European one.

Advanced Live Roulette tips

Plenty of tips on how to play Live Roulette are available online, and we looked at the three top tips for NZ players new to this casino game.

Know your game, odds and payouts

Understanding the version you’re playing is crucial to making smart bets. Ensure you learn all the game rules, the odds, and bet payouts to play smarter. Knowing the game also means choosing a game with the best statistics, like having a higher RTP.

Avoid single number bets and choose outside bets

Single-number bets might have a large payout, but the chances of landing it are so small it’s almost not worth it. Outside bets might have a 1:1 payout, but they’re more likely to win, and generally, you use more Roulette strategies with even odd bets. 

You can also try out combination bets, as it gives you a better chance of winning an inside bet than a single number wager.

Budget before you play

Decide on a reasonable bankroll before you start, and stick to that while you play. Your bankroll can decide the type of betting strategy you follow and ensure not to chase your losses but stop playing or take a break. 

Top Live Roulette providers in NZ

When looking for casinos to play Live Roulette, remember that different providers create these games. We look at the five best live providers below.

A Thrilling game with just a wheel and a ball

Despite the straightforward nature of this game, it remains one of the most popular choices at online casinos. Various titles are available from top providers, ensuring you can enjoy the gameplay with bonuses and multiple bet options. 

Depending on your playing style, several strategies are available. If you also follow the tips, then you can have a good time while enjoying this game at any of our recommended casinos.

Always remember to play responsibly, and most importantly have fun doing so!

Responsible Gambling
Always game responsibly!

Frequently asked questions

No. Online versions use random number generators to decide results, and live dealer Roulette games come from providers whose games have been certified as fair by independent companies, like eCOGRA.
Any of the 10 casinos we recommend above are excellent choices to play at, but features multiple versions for you to try out.
It can change depending on the version you’re playing, but generally, the RTP is around 97%.
The best version of this game is the French one, as it has the lowest house edge and two special rules (la partage and en prison) that can extend your bets.

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