What is the bonus wagering calculator?

The casino bonus wagering calculator is a software developed by a team of casino experts to help players determine the true value of a casino bonus.

Its overall purpose is to provide you with the following information:

  1. The amount of money you need to stake to withdraw your winnings;
  2. The amount of money you need to part with to claim the bonus;
  3. An estimate of what you can win when taking into consideration the game’s RTP and overall contribution towards the wagering.

As we explore the casino bonus wagering calculator, we’ll go over all of these aspects, together with an in-depth look at the two types of wagering calculators you can come across and how to use them to claim the bonuses that add the best value to your experience.

Bonus Validity

The free bonus money calculator

This calculator uses the value of the free money awarded by the casino and any wagering requirements attached to calculate how much of your winnings or your own money you need to spend to eventually clear them.

To come to an accurate calculation, you need to provide the following values:

Let us take an example: the casino you are playing with awarded you NZ$10 in bonus money. The promotion comes with wagering requirements of x40. When you multiple the bonus by the wagering requirements (NZ$10×40) it shows you how much you need to stake to clear the wagering. In this case, it is NZ$400.

The deposit match calculator

The deposit match calculator provides a different set of information:

The deposit match calculator can go over more variables, giving you a better picture of a bonus’ worth.

Its right panel, in fact, displays the following information:

  1. RTP percentage of the game being played with the bonus;
  2. The percentage the game contributes towards the wagering requirements;
  3. Value of the play money;
  4. Wagering requirements.

One thing to always keep in mind is that the theoretical win is just that, theoretical. Losing sight of that little detail means you’re placing your expectations on shaky ground.

The RTP percentage, for one thing, is in itself a theoretical number, calculated over thousands of spins in the long term. It is there to act as an indicator whereby a high RTP percentage means more frequent wins, while a low RTP percentage often means fewer wins.

But this is all theoretical, and it is far from an accurate prediction!

How to use the casino bonus calculator

The information you require to use the online casino bonus calculator all depends on whether you are using the Free Bonus Calculator or the Deposit Match Calculator.

Let us take a look at what you need to use each one!

bonus calculator

The free bonus money calculator

  1. Find an online casino with a welcome bonus;
  2. Open the Free Bonus Money Calculator and watch as the results unfold!
Welcome bonus

The best part of the Free Bonus Calculator is that you don’t have to do anything. Except of course opening a casino with a bonus and the calculator! Easy right!

The result you’re looking for is the amount of money you need to wager to eventually clear any winnings for withdrawal. This result will appear under Total Play Money.

The game contribution has an important role when it comes to determining how long it will take to clear the winnings. This is where you need to remember that not all games are valued equally.

The deposit match calculator

  1. Find a casino with a bonus you’re interested in;
  2. Open up the calculator and start filling up the following details:

As you input the above information, the results will update with each input. This allows you to experiment with the value and check different results easily.

This makes comparing bonuses a walk in the park!

Call out box: What is a bonus hunter?

Are you a bonus hunter? Not sure what it means!? Well, if you are someone who enjoys looking around for a good welcome bonus or any other casino promotion, then you are a bonus hunter. And with the casino bonus wagering calculator, hunting becomes easier and better!

Why is a bonus calculator important?

Well, a casino bonus calculator can be quite useful and down below we’ve listed all the things it can help you with:

A bonus casino calculator can help you do all of this is more. The takeaway from all of this is that it makes it easier to choose a casino bonus that suits your needs and your preferences.

It also helps you get ahead of the game and possibly even of the casino.

A bonus casino calculator is also key in managing your bankroll effectively and playing responsibly.

Slot players

Slot players can benefit greatly from the casino bonus wagering calculator, especially since a lot of bonuses around cater specifically to slot players.

Something else to keep in mind is that online slots are the only games that contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements.

And let us give you a little tip: with the online casino bonus calculator, you can even calculate how many free spins you can get out of the bonus. Cool, right?

The weekend players

You don’t need to be an everyday player to benefit from the use of an online casino bonus calculator.

If you are someone who enjoys a few rounds at the casino on the weekend, the casino bonus wagering calculator can still help you claim the best bonuses on offer.

What’s more, it can help you stay on budget by calculating how much you need to spend to clear any wagering requirements and if you can do before the bonus expires.

In this way, you don’t have to shy away from bonuses if you only play on the weekends or occasionally!

Table game players

We have already established that slot players and weekenders can benefit greatly from an online casino bonus calculator, but so can table game enthusiasts!

As a matter of fact, table game players can benefit the most from the casino bonus wagering calculator.

For one thing, games like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat contribute around 10 to 20% of your bets towards the wagering requirements.

As you can imagine the smaller the contribution the longer it will take to clear the wagering conditions. And that is where a bonus calculator can come in handy.

It will tell you exactly how much you need to spend, how long it will take and if the bonus is worth claiming.

What is the theoretical expected outcome from a casino bonus?

First things first! A theoretical win is just that a theory. It by no means reflects an accurate result. It is just there as a rough guide.

The theoretical win takes into account a variety of factors:

The theoretical win result compares all of these factors together.

By way of making an example let us say that you deposit NZ$100 and the casino gives you a 100% deposit match. The offer comes with wagering requirements of x10. The game of your choice has an RTP percentage of 98% and since it is a slot, the contribution is 100%.

The results after taking all of these factors into consideration and comparing are as follows: the bonus needs to be wagered x10 thus that amounts to NZ$1000. The RTP of 98% means the theoretical outcome is NZ$180. The latter is just a theory and in the long run, you might either lose more or win more.

Is the theoretical expected outcome reliable?

As we’ve stressed so many times before the theoretical outcome is just a theory.

The RTP percentage is calculated over thousands of spins as part of a simulation. Although the longer you play the closer you get to that RTP percentage you can still lose more or win more. It all comes down to luck!

What are bonus wagering requirements?

To attract new players to their casinos, operators put together bonus packages that could be anything from bonus funds to free spins, and sometimes even a combination of the two.

Free Spins

Like other promotions, casino bonuses come with their very own terms and conditions, such as minimum deposit, highest bet, expiry date, game restrictions and wagering requirements amongst others.

Wagering requirements accompany most bonuses and are a big part of casino bonuses. It is up to each operator to decide how much their wagering requirements should be, however, most veer somewhere around x35.

Wagering requirements are the amounts of bets you need to place to clear the bonus and any winnings for withdrawal.

One thing to keep in mind is that wagering conditions can either apply to the bonus only or to the bonus and deposit. Let us explain in more detail!

Bonus amount only – let us say you’ve received NZ$100 in bonuses, which come with wagering requirements of x35. This means that you have bet NZ$3,500 of your own money to clear the bonus and any winnings.

Bonus + deposit – if you deposit NZ$100 and receive another NZ$100 to play with, you’ll have a total of NZ$200 to stake. If wagering of x35 applies to both, you’re left to stake an additional NZ$7,000.

Win amount – if the casino bonus consists of free spins, any wagering requirements will apply to any wins you make out of those free spins.

Should you claim a casino bonus tied to a wager?

Well, before we answer this question, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before claiming any casino bonus:

  1. Few are those bonuses without any wagering requirements attached. So expect them attached to every bonus you find. It is a casino’s way of staying in business!
  2. You don’t have to claim a bonus if you don’t want you or if you think it’s not worth it. By law no casino can force you to claim a bonus, so it is always your call.

Something else to keep in mind is that the bonus calculator can help you come to an informed decision and lead you to choose only those bonuses that are best for you.

Should you ever opt out of a bonus?

Yes! If you think a casino bonus is going to cost you more than you are ready to spend, or the terms and conditions are not fair, you should certainly opt-out of it.

Something else that should play an important role in your final decision is the game contribution. If you’re more into table games, the game contribution is likely to be rather low and as we have said before it will take you longer to clear any wagering requirements and cost you more too.

Should you take a bonus if you play blackjack or roulette?

Some casinos do offer specifically designed to be used on table games like Blackjack or Roulette. However, this does not mean that the game contribution is 100%.

In most cases, table games contribute only 20% of each bet you place even when using cashback and deposit bonuses targeted for RNG or live table games.

The best advice we can give you is to read the terms and conditions carefully. Who knows, you might find a table games bonus with a 100% contribution!

You can now make the most of you bonus!

Casino bonuses are designed to give you a bankroll boost and put you ahead of the game. However, casino operators design their bonuses differently.

Terms and conditions like wagering requirements, game RTP, and contribution are key in determining whether a bonus will deliver or not.

This is where our bonus wagering calculator comes into play. With such a tool at hand, you don’t need to hesitate anymore when it comes to claiming a casino bonus.

Instead, you have the opportunity to claim only those casino bonuses that suit you best!

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