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Cash or Crash

Crazy Time

Dream Catcher

Streamed live from a state-of-the-art studio and managed by a host, live game shows are a series of games based either on existing TV shows or on popular games, where participating players bet on the possible outcome of the game.

There are huge prizes to be won and Kiwi players don’t have to miss out as the best online casinos in New Zealand feature most of these live game shows.

So check out our Live game shows guide to learn more about the games and where to play them!

On the legality of Live Casino game shows in New Zealand

While betting in most ways is subject to taxation, online casino, including live game shows are legal in New Zealand. 

The laws do not cover offshore casinos that enable New Zealanders to play lawfully and without taxation.

Are online Live Game shows safe?

It is crucial to play in a secure web casino for every player as they search for one ensures not just wonderful play but security as far as protecting the personal and banking data of the players is concerned.

Are casinos secure online? Yes, reliable, Fair Conditions, experienced client care representatives and speedy payouts are regulated casinos. Not all of them should be trusted, but educated players are the key to selecting a safe operator. Make sure you always see if you have a license at the bottom of this page.

Are Live Casino game shows rigged?

The Live Casino Game Shows we’ve mentioned in this guide are all by Evolution Gaming.

As we have said at the beginning, this provider is the undisputed leader in Live Casino and has worked hard through the years to achieve a reputation for excellence.

That alone is a guarantee for fairness, reinforced only by the gambling license from several jurisdictions, adding an extra layer of security to all the products it launches in the market. 

All the RNG computers that propel the games are checked regularly for randomness, while the multiple cameras in the studio make it very hard for any kind of rigging to take place at any point during the game.

Where to play the best live casino game shows from New Zealand

If you are looking for an online casino to play live casino game shows, you’ve come to the right place!

The best online casinos in New Zealand, all feature the most popular game shows like Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal and Monopoly Live.

Furthermore, providers are always coming up with innovative ways to adapt new games to the Live Casino genre and by joining one of the above casinos and claiming a casino bonus, you can try them out for free!

The first Live Casino Game Show was launched a few years ago and consisted of a wheel of fortune game called Live Dream Catcher.

This first pioneer was the masterpiece of Evolution Gaming, the undisputed leader in Live Casino games.

It’s to Evolution that we own subsequent live game shows, most of which were either inspired by popular board games like Monopoly or actual TV shows like Deal or No Deal.

Below we are going to share with you the most popular live game shows, all of which are by Evolution Gaming.

Dream Catcher

Live Dream Catcher consists of a money wheel or as some would call it: wheel of fortune. The concept of the game and the rules were designed to appeal in particular to slot enthusiasts.

The rules are very simple to learn and the lack of needed strategy makes it an excellent game to try out if you are a beginner or a slot player.

With Evolution’s development, the money wheel has become a large vertical wheel, placed in the centre of a spectacular studio, where a live host leads the game, as cameras placed around the studio switch accordingly to offer the best possible angle.

Synchronized light and sound effects immerse you further into the gameplay, creating an even more authentic experience.

The gameplay of Dream Catcher is quite easy and requires each participant to place a bet on a number they believe the wheel will stop at.

The precision-engineered wheel is spun by the host who waits for it to come to a standstill and reveal the winning number. In the meantime, he creates a sense of anticipation amongst the players.

Anyone, who has succeeded in guessing the winning number receives a corresponding payout. Apart from the usual numbers, the wheel has two segments with x2 and x7 multipliers.

Casino payout rate

They add a certain excitement to the game especially as they carry the winning potential of NZ$500,000. 

Deal or No Deal

Does anyone remember the original Deal or No Deal TV shows?

Aired in the UK, the show was incredibly popular for many years before Evolution Gaming adapted the concept of the show for one of their live game shows.

Players who remember the original show will notice a number of similarities, however, certain modifications had to take place for the successful transition to Live Casino Game Show. 

Similar to the original show, the game consists of a number of rounds that are however faster-paced than the original game.

The game initiates with a qualifying round in which contestants have to spin an RNG bank vault consisting of three reels.

This first step of the game is quite significant as apart from qualifying players for the subsequent round, it determines the biggest prize to be won which carries a multiplier within the range of x75 to x500

The next part of the game involves a top-up wheel, which helps players add multipliers of x5-x50 to the prizes in the briefcases.

The final round is what everyone has been waiting for. There are 16 briefcases waiting to be opened, all sealed and identical. On the inside, each briefcase is home to a number from 1 to 16, but the true prize is made out of cash.

In a series of quick rounds, a pre-determined number of briefcases are opened, while the ‘The Banker’, an unknown, unseen entity makes a counteroffer.

This offer is passed to the host through an in-studio phone, prompting the host the say ‘Deal or No Deal!’. At the end of the game, there are only two briefcases left, and each player has to choose if they want to keep their own or swap them. 

If its anything like the original TV show, it is nerve-racking, yet exhilarating and for the lucky ones rewarding. It is a game completely dependent on luck and intuition but very exciting too. 

Monopoly Live

Monopoly is perhaps one of the most popular board games ever. Imagine finding it in the repertoire of games of a Live Casino!

Monopoly Live is an exclusive Game Show of Evolution Gaming, which came to be after an agreement of partnership with Hasbro, the game manufacturer.

For the Live Casino, the game was repurposed and a money wheel introduced, not so different from Live Dream Catcher. Unlike the latter, however, the game still features many of the original game’s elements. 

The money wheel positioned vertically, is marked in numbers and segments. In this part of the game, players have to place a bet either on a number or else on one of the segments.

If the bet was made on the winning number, an appropriate payout is handed out to the player, and the game for that participant ends there.

If on the other hand, a bet was placed on the winning segment, the contestant moves on to the next step of the game.

The wheel is marked with three different segments: ‘Chance’, ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’. The ‘Chance’ segment gives the betting player the opportunity to claim instant cash prizes and multipliers, while the other two segments immerse you into the actual Monopoly board game.

Within the studio, a virtual Monopoly is activated and Mr Monopoly jumps on the board and starts collecting prizes. The virtual board bears landmarks of the actual game and those who did not qualify for this round, can still watch as it all unfolds. 

Monopoly Live has become incredibly popular and not simply because the board game has been an all-time favourite, but for the innovation that this online version represents.

As a matter of fact, the game has received two awards in 2019 and 2020 for the EGR Game of the Year and Gaming Intelligence Game of the Year. 

Lightning Roulette

Ready to play Live Roulette but with a little something extra!? Lightning Roulette is a classic Roulette and advanced RNG gaming combo.

Upon first glance, the studio still features a Roulette wheel and table, but the whole set-up hides a few surprises, that are designed to make the game so much more exciting than the traditional Roulette game.

The game starts just like a normal game of Roulette, by placing the usual bets.

Once the wheel comes to a halt, lightning bolts strike 5 panels situated behind the wheel and from 1 to 5 number appear on these panels. The lightning bolts, apart from revealing the numbers, add multipliers that can range from x50 to x500.

Those players who were brave enough to place straight-up bets might be in for a surprise if their number appears on the panels and with a multiplier no less.  

Mega Ball

Released in the first half of 2020, Mega Ball is the latest Game Show from Evolution Gaming.

This Game Show merges bingo and lottery and features a ball-drawing machine and an elaborate player interface where bingo-style cards are displayed.

The ball-drawing machine hosts 51 coloured balls, 20 of which are drawn in quick succession, while the number they represent is automatically crossed out on the cards displayed on the player interface.

With the drawing of the last ball, the Mega Ball is triggered, which prompts a dramatic transformation of the studio with light and sound manipulation that will surely leave players in awe.

A multiplier is then added which can be anything from x5 to x100. The multipliers come in quite handy when a player completes a line as they are applied accordingly.

The overall rules of the game are not so difficult to follow and when there is a maximum payout of x1,000,000, Mega Ball becomes a game worth trying. 

Did You Know?

It was shown in the UK in 1998 and in the USA in 1999. The game is Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. 

How Live Casino game shows work?

Live casino game shows are something new for the gambling industry and in most cases are not considered casino games.

Unlike casino staples like Blackjack or Poker, game shows hardly require any strategy and any decisions are based on intuition.

Furthermore, while traditional table games have a croupier to deal with the cards and spin the Roulette wheel, game shows have a host who acts as a TV presenter. 

There is also the RNG factor that is completely absent in traditional casino games. On the other hand, however, the computer that powers these games is not different from that used for online pokies or any other RNG casino games.

The RNG computer is used in those live game shows that require the outcomes to be unpredictable and completely random.

The RNG of each game is programmed with its unique odds and payouts, as would have been established by the provider before the game starts being developed. 

Types of game shows

Casino game shows  based on traditional casino games

Some casino game shows mix aspects of typical casino games with a twist. You’ll be able to play with roulette wheels, cards, or dice here.
Some of the most popular casino game shows in this category include:

Evolution's Live Craps

Casino game shows based on popular TV shows

There are also popular casino game shows based on some of your favourite and most popular TV game programs.
Among the games are:

Did you know?

Lightning Dice is essentially a simplified version of Sic Bo. Instead of the huge Sic Bo layout with two dice combinations, Big, Small, and Triple betting possibilities, Lightning Dice just displays the numbers 3 through 18.

Dice Games NZ

How to play in a Live Casino game shows?

Joining a Live Casino Game Show is easier than gaining an invitation for a TV game show. You don’t have to apply to participate, and you certainly don’t have to audition either. Participating is as easy as playing any other game in the casino’s repertoire.

All that is required is an account with a casino that accepts players from New Zealand. From there it is a simple manner of heading for the Live Casino section and finding the right game for you.

Each Live Game Show comes with its very own betting options, and a minimum is always highlighted to be able to participate. 

Register with an online casino from New Zealand

These days it is not hard to locate a reliable online casino from New Zealand that features all of the latest live casino game shows.

Registering with the said casino is not difficult at all and is a few minutes process that might even see you claiming a casino bonus you can use to play live game shows for free. 

Find an open game to join 

Just like other Live Casino games, live game shows are not always open 24/7, and you might discover you have to wait to join your chosen game.

Unless you are going for Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal which are open around the clock and accept players at all hours of the day. 

When it comes to playing free live casino game shows, this can only be done by claiming a casino bonus that allows its use on live casino games.

Unlike other RNG games, there is no demo version to practice on, as the human factor tends to run higher costs making it impossible for the provider to include a free option. 

Live Casino game shows on Mobile

The best thing about playing live casino game shows is how accessible they are. And we are not talking simply about participating.

Being a modern, highly technological company, Evolution Gaming has developed all of its popular game show from the onset to be available on a wide variety of devices also as mobile casino.

The adaptable player interface makes it easier to navigate from a smaller screen and the HD streaming does not deduct in any way the immersive experience. 


The overall feeling of the game is very similar to watching a TV show, the difference being that you are actually participating and not simply watching.

Something else that we feel we should point out is the rapidity with which the games are conducted.

While a TV show might dedicate a whole episode to one game, a Live Game Show is faster-paced and might involve more than one session in a single day. It brings great entertainment and something for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

There's no surefire strategy to winning big on this game. You can make sure you regularly collect payouts by betting on the lower numbers. If you want to hit the jackpot, aim for the larger numbers, and use the 2x bet feature. If you're lucky, the game will throw out a 7x multiplier. Your best hope is to stack a few multipliers. If you get one 7x and one 2x multiplier with the 2x bet function activated, you could bag a big payout.
Evolution Gaming is the most popular provider of real-money live dealer casino games and live game shows. The studio streams live casino action in real-time, allowing players to participate in games managed by real professional croupiers and hosts. Its selection of Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Poker games is available at several online casinos in New Zealand.
A live dealer casino consists of online table games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat, which are played with a real croupier and/or against other competitors in real-time. The game is streamed from the game provider's studio directly to the player's desktop or mobile.

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