What are non-sticky bonuses?

As the name implies, non-sticky bonuses don’t stick to your deposit amount. Essentially, your deposit and the bonus are kept separate. This means that players can opt out whenever they want, as long as they still use the deposit and not the bonus money. Doing so forfeits your bonus, but at the same time, it allows players to withdraw big wins made with their deposit. 

One of the best things about non-sticky bonuses is that the deposit doesn’t have wagering requirements, unlike bonus money. A casino non-sticky bonus can also be called cashable or forfeitable.

Non-sticky bonuses vs Sticky bonuses

Although they’re rarer, non-sticky bonuses are more beneficial than their sticky counterparts because players can choose to withdraw anytime they’d like. The main difference is that a non-sticky bonus keeps your deposit and bonus money separate: you don’t have to activate it immediately, and you can enjoy your deposit without any concerns.

For instance, let’s say you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus. If you win with your initial deposit without using your bonus, you can withdraw whenever you want. However, you won’t be able to use your non-sticky bonus NZ if you do so. Also, remember that real money is used before your bonus funds.

On the other hand, sticky bonuses keep your deposit attached to the bonus. Wagering requirements will apply to both balances, and you may only withdraw after completing the full bonus terms. 

Non-sticky bonuses – Legal in New Zealand?

A casino bonus non-sticky offers serious advantages over other types of bonuses, one of which is available at many licensed casinos. Casinos with a licence are considered safe and secure and provide fairer bonuses

For this reason, playing at the best non-sticky bonus casino in New Zealand is legal. Additionally, some markets only allow non-sticky bonuses, with gambling commissions going above and beyond to ensure that the best non-sticky bonus casino complies with these laws. 

Why are casinos offering non-sticky bonuses?

There are two main reasons why operators offer a non-sticky casino bonus:

  1. The law requires them to do so – As we mentioned, non-sticky bonuses are mandatory in some gambling markets. Players must be able to withdraw their deposit bonus whenever they please.
  2. Reputation as a fair casino – Some casinos offer a non-sticky bonus to show players how fair and reputable it is.

Best Non-sticky bonuses in New Zealand

Many reputable, licensed online operators in New Zealand offer an exciting non-sticky casino bonus to get players started. Learn more about the best bonuses below:

  1. LeoVegas – 100% up to NZ$1,000

LeoVegas is often considered one of the best online casinos in the country. This non-sticky bonus casino offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to $1,000. The bonus funds have a wagering requirement of 20x.

  1. Rizk – 100% up to $500

Rizk, one of the best non-sticky bonus casino features a 100% deposit bonus of up to $500. Players can withdraw their deposit at any time but must complete a 40x wagering requirement on the bonus money to withdraw it.

Rizk Casino – 100% up to $500 for NZ players.
  1. Vulkan Vegas – 100% up to $300

Players registering at Vulkan Vegas can grab a casino non-sticky bonus of 100% up to $300. The bonus funds have a wagering requirement of 30x.

  1. Wheelz – 100% up to $300

Wheelz offers an incredible 100% non-sticky bonus up to $300 on your first deposit. The offer has a wagering requirement of 35x, but you can withdraw your real money at any given time.

  1. 888 Casino –100% up to $200

The 888 non-sticky bonus casino is one of the best non-sticky bonus casino in the industry. Players have 90 days to play through their 100% deposit bonus up to $200. And the best part is that you can withdraw your real money whenever you want.

888 Casino –100% up to $200 for NZ players.
NZ players who sign up with 888 Casino can enjoy this amazing bonus!
Did you know?
Most online casinos allow you to claim your non-sticky bonus NZ right away. All you have to do is make a deposit and visit your profile. You don’t have to type a code or ask support to activate your bonus.

Non-sticky bonus types

Non-sticky bonuses come in various shapes and sizes. Meet some of their characteristics and find the best bonus for your gameplay style.

According to the deposit percentage

Most non-sticky bonuses have a percentage of 100%. However, you may rarely receive more generous bonuses, up to 200%. See how each one works below:

100% non-sticky bonus

A 100% non-sticky casino bonus essentially doubles your deposit. For instance, let’s say you’ve deposited $500: you’ll have $500 in real money plus $500 in bonus funds. Your bonus funds will be subject to a wagering requirement, while your real money can be withdrawn anytime. 

200% non-sticky bonus

A 200% non-sticky bonus NZ will triple your deposit. In this case, if you deposited $500, you’d have an additional $1,000 in bonus funds. If your bonus has a wagering requirement of 30x, for example, you’ll have to place $30,000 in bets before withdrawing your bonus.

According to other conditions

Non-sticky bonuses can also vary based on their conditions. These include traditional, half-sticky, and non-sticky cash bonuses. Check them out:

Traditional non-sticky bonuses

This is the most common type of casino bonus non-sticky. Your deposit and bonus funds are kept separate, and you can withdraw your real money anytime. However, withdrawing before completing the bonus wagering requirements will void that portion of the promotion. 

For example, if you deposited $100, you’d receive a bonus of $100. While you can withdraw your real money, you’ll have to complete the wagering requirement to withdraw the bonus. If the offer had a 25x wagering requirement, you’d have to place $2,500 in bets.

Half-sticky bonuses

Half-sticky bonuses are a middle ground between sticky and non-sticky bonuses. Instead of being available to withdraw immediately, your real money is released in small portions for every wager you place.

Non-sticky cash bonus

Non-sticky cash bonuses are among the best casino offers players can receive. Instead of being separated into two types of funds, non-sticky cash bonuses are added to your real money balance. 

Alternatively, they can be offered to players as a cashback bonus. These promotions usually have very fair wagering requirements with a playthrough of 1x.

Did you know?
You can withdraw at any time with a non-sticky casino bonus. This is perfect if you win big but haven’t completed your bonus wagering requirements. However, withdrawing will void your bonus funds. 

Non-sticky bonuses – Is it worth it?

Non-sticky bonuses are incredibly fair compared to their sticky counterparts. They offer players a lifeline if they win with real money, as they don’t have to sacrifice their wins to complete the wagering requirements. Meet some strategies to help make the most out of your non-sticky casino bonus.

Non-sticky bonus strategy – The perfect moment to withdraw

Ideally, you want to withdraw your casino non-sticky bonus if you land a big win. Even though it’ll void your bonus, it’s more beneficial than risking it all. This way, you won’t have to wager your deposited money for a chance at completing the bonus wagering requirements. 

The exact value when you should withdraw varies between players. For casino beginners, we recommend withdrawing once you’ve doubled or tripled your deposit bonus. Most high-rollers withdraw if they win five or more times their deposit amount.

Solutions to common problems

Issues can happen with non-sticky bonuses, but luckily we’re here to help. Check out some solutions to common problems players may have with their non-sticky bonuses:

  1. I didn’t receive my bonus.

You may have to claim your bonus through your profile in the promotions tab. If this doesn’t work, customer support can manually activate your casino non-sticky bonus.

  1. I can’t withdraw.

Please ensure your casino bonus is non-sticky. We also recommend checking your account balance.

  1. My bonus is gone.

Non-sticky bonuses have an expiration date. Check if you’re still eligible for withdrawals.

Did you know?
Some online casinos allow you to deposit more money to complete your wagering requirements if you run out of funds. 

Non-sticky bonus tips

Everyone loves non-sticky bonuses, as they’re packed with advantages and a chance at real prizes without going through extensive wagering requirements. Nonetheless, there are a few things you can do to fully enjoy your bonus, have a look:

  1. Read the terms and conditions – These will explain everything about bonuses, including the maximum bet and time limits. It also helps you understand if your bonus is non-sticky.
  2. Watch out for the wagering requirements – This will dictate how many times you need to play through your bonus to claim its rewards.
  3. Pay attention to the payment methods – Some payment methods are not compatible with specific bonuses. 
  4. Make sure your location isn’t restricted – Some casinos don’t allow players from particular regions, such as New Zealand.
  5. Prioritise fast withdrawals – You should pick operators with fast withdrawals to get the most out of your non-sticky casino bonus.

Frequently asked questions

There are several good non-sticky bonuses in New Zealand. However, LeoVegas' bonus of 100% up to NZ$1,000 is considered one of the best. It also has a low bonus wagering requirement of 20x.
Yes. Some non-sticky bonuses come with free spins so that players can enjoy pokies for free. Remember that winnings from free spins may be subject to wagering requirements or limits.
You can get a casino non-sticky bonus by registering at an eligible operator. You'll need to visit your profile and select your preferred promotion to claim your bonus.
Some operators don't allow players who deposit with Neteller or Skrill to claim bonuses. We recommend reading the terms and conditions before getting started.

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