Relum and Spinomenal team up

Online casino engine Relum has announced that it has teamed up with casino game provider Spinomenal.

According to iGaming news website Focus Gaming News, this deal promises to bring the expertise of both companies together, so that they can deliver an exceptional gaming experience to players. 

Apart from ensuring that both companies continue on with their success, the goal of this partnership is to also ensure “promotional tools are updated regularly” to keep up with player and market trends. 

According to Focus Gaming News, this partnership will also consider the ever-growing demand for player personalised experiences.

Commenting on the deal, Relum’s CEO Emil Hakobian expressed his joy, and stated, “let this promising partnership be another chapter in the companies’ Story of Pure Success!”

About Relum and Spinomenal

Relum is an online casino engine that offers over 14,000 games from more than 180 top casino game providers. 

Spinomenal is a casino game provider that makes innovative and creative games such as Wild Easter, Cupid’s Scratch, and Cupids Strike 2

Wild Easter
Check out Wild Easter..
Cupid's Scratch
Cupid’s Scratch, and …
Cupids Strike 2
Cupids Strike 2 by Spinomenal!

With more than 300 games, Spinomenal continues to grow as one of New Zealand’s top game providers. 

Spinomenal is also licensed in multiple countries.

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