Opening an online casino account can feel as strict as opening a bank account. Keeping in mind that licensed online casinos need to keep strict control over money coming in and going out, they must verify a player’s identity. Once that’s done, it should be easy to open an online casino account.

Seven tips to managing your casino account

The first step required before players can enjoy their favourite games such as new online pokies, blackjack or craps, is to set up and activate an online casino account.

While the process can be a little tedious, users need to wait a bit for the player verification process to be completed.

Although once the casino account is activated managing your account should be easy, this may not always be the case. Let’s take a look at these top tips for managing your online casino account smoothly.

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1. Always read Terms and conditions before opening an account!

Every online casino contains a terms and conditions section that explains what is needed to open and manage your account which you must always read before setting up your account. To ensure maximum safety for both players and casino, security features are put in place which come from regulations that are standard and are required by law. Should there be any disputes, both players and casino can refer to the terms and conditions.

2. Check which personal information casino requests 

While registering to a new online casino in New Zealand may seem to be only about claiming a welcome bonus offer, players who open new accounts will be also asked to provide personal information that confirms their identity.

This is required by law to prevent money laundering or any other criminal activities. Players should expect secure storage and data protection.

Which information do casinos need and why?

Online casinos are required by law to verify the identity of their customers and a verified payment method to process deposits and withdrawals. Players should review the licences and authorities of a casino as well as their data privacy policies before providing this information. You should always trust licensed online casinos as there are fake or blacklisted casinos. 

3. Check the payment methods the casino offers

The best online casinos in New Zealand have a wide variety of payment providers supporting them. These include Visa, MasterCard and Bitcoin. This choice of payment methods helps players choose between trusted credit card brands, internet payment companies and their own banks. Players should also review the terms and conditions to learn more about payments and withdrawals. 

4. How to make a deposit

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step way of making a deposit:

5. How to withdraw your winnings

In some cases can access their funds in a day, while in other cases this may take as long as a month from making the request. In fact, there are a number of great fast payout casinos to choose from in New Zealand! The waiting period for withdrawing funds is subject to the casino’s terms and conditions.

Typical processing times in most cases are about a week. The online casino may process payment in 24 hours, however, the payment provider may take a few days to verify and give out the payment to the player.

While the online casino’s payment policies are explained in the terms and conditions, particular terms players should be aware of may include;

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6. Set up your own limits

Most online casinos offer an account function where players can set their betting amount that cannot be exceeded over a certain time period. Players who do so have more control over minimising losses and banking profits.

7. Exclude yourself or close your account whenever you want

The self-exclusion function provided by all licensed online casinos in New Zealand is an account setting that protects the player. Part of online casinos’ commitment towards responsible gaming, if players find themselves wanting to return to a session or game, they can choose the self-exclusion function and stop themselves from play for some time. When this happens, the account is suspended for the time chosen by the player.

Solutions to common issues with casino accounts

  1. I cannot login

Failing to log in could result from hardware problems, connection or internet issues. This could also happen when players input an incorrect passwords or fail to verify their identity. If the problem persists, players can contact customer support for assistance.  

  1. I don’t see if my documents have been verified

Licensed online casinos only require a photo identification document to confirm a player’s identity, which may take as long as a few days. Banking information can usually be verified within 24 hours. For more information regarding delayed verification, players should contact customer support for more information.

  1. My withdrawal is not reaching me

The terms and conditions for withdrawals are clear on the online casino’s website, and this includes the expected payment processing times. Players who have not received their withdrawal should check that the casino terms and conditions have been met, confirm that the casino issued the payment, and then contact the payment provider for more information.

  1. I cannot reopen my account

Online casinos will not reopen an account that has been permanently closed. If an account has been suspended by the casino, players can contact customer support to find out whether the account can be re-opened. If the player suspended their account, the suspension time limit must pass before reactivating the account.

  1. I received a suspicious email

Online casinos often use email to notify players of any promotions, to announce new games and market products. Players should ignore emails asking for account details or personal information and immediately report it to the casino’s customer support team.   

  1. My documents are not approved

Players may sometimes find that their documents have not been approved. According to personal data laws, online casinos are not compelled to give a reason for this decision. They may however advise the player of the steps they can take to secure approval.

  1. I cannot change my credit card details

Once player banking details have been verified, the online casino must restart the verification process with the new payment provider in order to change them. During this time, the player account may be suspended or blocked from receiving payments. Most online casinos have directions on their websites for players to follow if they want to make changes to their banking details. If this does not work, players can always contact customer support.

  1. I cannot reset my password

To solve this problem, players can contact the online casino’s customer support team, during which they will be asked to prove their identity and submit the original documentation used to open the account once more. 

  1. I cannot change my personal details

Due to personal data protection laws, the casino’s account team must verify any change to a player’s personal details. While the verification methods vary between casinos and are explained in their terms and conditions, customer support will be able to guide players on the process.

  1. How to close an online casino account?

In order to close an online casino account, any remaining balances should be withdrawn. Players will then receive a confirmation email that all player data including banking information has been deleted.


Since licensed online casinos in New Zealand are entrusted with processing millions of dollars in funds, they must follow strict financial reporting laws. Verifying banking details allows casinos to prove to the authorities where the funds a player uses come from, and where payments the online casino makes are sent. These procedures help fight money laundering and financial crimes. 

Managing an online casino account in New Zealand is very similar to managing an internet bank account. While a nice bonus is appealing to players, safety is of utmost importance.

As tedious as it some players may find it, the initial verification process is a legal requirement imposed on all licensed casinos to protect the players. Once verification is complete, players can use their accounts safely and enjoy playing their favourite games, such as roulettebaccarat and other games!


Frequently asked questions

Rizk Casino is one casino that pays out fast and secure payments. You can see which casinos do this by checking out our Fast Payout Casinos reviews.
Self-exclusion is a voluntary process where the player decides to remove themselves from an online casino for a specific period of time. This is offered by all licensed online casinos in New Zealand.
Yes. Licensed online casinos must obey international data protection laws and consumer data protection laws.

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