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The traditional game of Baccarat saw its origins in the elegant salons of France and Italy. It became an instant success, securing a permanent spot within casinos. In this Online Baccarat Guide, we will share with you how to play Baccarat online, which are the best Baccarat games to play, where to play Baccarat for free or for real money, and why you should play this game. Keep on reading to learn all you need to know if you intend to play Baccarat from New Zealand.

The Best Baccarat Online Casinos in New Zealand

Looking for the best Online Baccarat games to play? As a player from New Zealand, you can play this elegant game with multiple casinos, from the comforts of your own home either from your desktop computer or else from your mobile device. The choice is purely yours to make! 

The best online casino would offer a varied selection of virtual Baccarat and Live Baccarat, with different betting limits and perhaps a promotion or two. There are many online casinos accepting players from New Zealand these days and down below we’ve included some of our highly recommended casinos for you to choose from. This list is meant to help you save time in locating a good casino that features an excellent choice of online Baccarat games and offers some of the best casino bonuses online. 

NZ$ 1 000 bonus and 10 free spins.

NZ$ 2 000 bonus and 200 free spins.

NZ$ 1 000 bonus and 100 free spins.

NZ$ 1 000 bonus.

NZ$ 300 bonus and 100 free spins.

What is Baccarat Online?

In recent years, the traditional Baccarat game has been adapted for the online world, maintaining its popularity amongst table games enthusiasts. Online Baccarat is the traditional game with slight modifications and sometimes with some variations to create exciting variants. During the game, players have to place their bets digitally and depending on the kind of Baccarat online game they’ve chosen, play either against the computer or else against a live dealer located in a remote casino studio. 

Online, players will come across two different kinds of online Baccarat: virtual Baccarat and Live Baccarat. Virtual Baccarat is played against the computer in a completely artificial environment. Cards are dealt by a Random Number Generator (RNG) computer which has been programmed according to the odds of the game. Live Baccarat, on the other hand, is played against a live croupier who deals real cards in real-time from a purposely built studio.  

Live Baccarat NZ


Live Dealer Baccarat Games 

Live Baccarat is perhaps the best version to try out, especially if you are looking for an authentic experience. A game of Live Baccarat takes place in a casino studio, where a professional dealer sits at a casino table and deals with real cards for both the Banker and the Player. All of the action is streamed live in HD with the use of some of the best technology available. Players can interact with the dealer, as well as, with other players that might be ‘sitting’ at the same table. Live Baccarat games are provided by special game developers like Evolution Gaming and Playtech. Below we have provided you with a list of some of the Live Baccarat games they offer. 

Evolution Gaming Live Baccarat 

  • Live Baccarat (classic game)
  • Lightning Baccarat 
  • Baccarat Squeeze 
  • Baccarat Controlled Squeeze
  • No Commission Baccarat 
  • Speed Baccarat

Playtech Live Baccarat 

  • VIP Baccarat
  • Mini Baccarat 
  • Baccarat 7 Seat
  • Baccarat Squeeze
  • Prestige Live Baccarat
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How to play Baccarat Online 

Online Baccarat is a rather fast-paced game, with simple rules that can be learned by anyone. To start with, the game makes use of 6 to 8 decks of cards and it is played between the Banker and the Player. These two terms are displayed on the Baccarat table and refer to the dealer and the player respectively. 

Joining a game of Baccarat online is easier and requires each player to register for an account before heading either to the Table Games section or else to the Live Casino section. With regard to the latter, players should check that the game of their choice is open and accepting players. After all, some Live Casino games tend to open only at specific times only. 

The game commences when each player places a bet on one of three options: the Banker, the Player or a tie between the two. Once that is settled, the dealer deals two cards for the Banker and two cards for the Player, face down. The cards are revealed and the hand with a total closest to 9 wins. Baccarat is as simple as that which is why it is one of the most popular card games of all time. However, there are still a few additional rules to learn before you can play confidently, so let us take a look at what they involve. 

Online Baccarat Basic Rules

Let us start by going over the value of the cards which defer from other card games like Blackjack. 

  • Ace has a value of 1 
  • Queen, Jack, and Kings have a value of 0 
  • Cards of 10 have a value of 0 
  • Cards from 2 to 9 hold their face value

In a Baccarat hand with a total of 10 or more, only the second digit is taken into consideration. Let us take an example: if a hand is made up of a 6 and an 8 for a total of 14, the one is dropped and the value becomes 4. In case, the hand’s total is 20, the value becomes 0. 

There are a few other dynamics to keep in mind when playing online Baccarat. If the Player gets a total of 8 or 9, no more cards can be drawn and there is a ‘natural win’. If the total is 6 or 7 there cannot be any more cards either and they stand. If on the other hand, the cards have a value from 0 to 5, a third card is drawn. The Banker actions are dictated by a whole different set of rules. These mainly concern the third card and whether it can be drawn depending on the hand he has and the value of the Player’s third card. 

Online Baccarat Drawing Rules


Baccarat Bets and Odds

In Baccarat every bet comes with different odds and payouts. The Banker has the lowest house edge amongst all the different bets. It is at 1.06%, whereas, the Player comes with a house edge of 1.36%. The highest house edge belongs to the tie, which comes with a staggering 14.40%. 

When it comes to payouts, winning bets on the Banker and the Player pay the same, which is 1:1 (double the initial bet). Tie bets, on the other hand, reward the risk in equal measure with a payout of 8:1 or 9:1. 

Some online Baccarat variants come with side bets that are quite distinctive from the three main bets that make up the game. Below are some of the most common side bets in Baccarat: 

  • The Player Pair - this bet is placed when it is believed that the Player’s two cards will be of the same rank. 
  • The Banker Pair - betting that the Banker’s two cards will be of the same rank. 

What makes these two side bets so exciting are the payouts associated with them, which stand at 10:1 or more, depending which Baccarat variant you are playing. 

Baccarat Odds


Baccarat betting systems and strategies

If you want to make a profit playing online Baccarat then you should learn a little strategy. Although Baccarat is a game of chance, the way you approach betting and where you place your bets will determine the odds of hitting those wins. 

Betting on the Player

Statistically, it has been proven that you have a better chance of winning when placing Banker bets than Player bets. In fact, there is a 50.68% chance of landing a win from a Banker’s bet, quite a high percentage considering that when a Tie bet wins, players get their bets back. However, don’t get too excited, Banker wins come with a commission of 5% in favour of the house. It is a means for the casino to retain the house edge. 

Betting on the Banker

Betting on the Player comes with the advantage that there is no commission in favour of the casino, however, the win percentage is at 44.62%, slightly less than the Banker. 

Betting on a Tie

Bets on a Tie come with very low odds because compared to the other two bets, it does not occur often. Although the payout from a Tie win is pretty, the winning odds stand at 9.52% only, making them ideal for risk-takers. 

The final piece of strategy we can share is to always bet in a consistent manner. Choose beforehand if you want to place bets on the Player or the Banker and stick to your decision. It is very hard to make a steady income if you keep changing your bet. Something else that we highly recommend is to stop playing if you suffer a loss three times in a row. If you are sitting down for a Baccarat session, we advise deciding in advance how much you can afford to play and possibly lose. 

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Why play Baccarat Online?

Wondering why you should play Baccarat online? There are plenty of advantages to playing Baccarat online, some of them obvious, some of them not so much. Down below we are going to share some of the reasons why many players opt to play online instead of heading for the nearest land-based casino. 

Play online Baccarat from your home or on the go

Is the nearest casino hundreds of miles away? Playing online means you have the flexibility to play either from your home or else from anywhere you might be. All you need is a strong internet connection and a smartphone, and you can have your favourite casino games in your pocket at all times. And what’s more, in an age defined by smartphones, game developers are releasing their games in Instant-Play mode, a mobile-friendly version whereby players can play without download any of the latest casino games, including online Baccarat. Let us not forget that the virtual world never sleeps, making it possible to enjoy online Baccarat at any time of the day or night.  

Take advantage of online Baccarat promotions 

When you register for an account, it is customary to receive a welcome bonus that often would consist of bonus funds, Unless stated otherwise, you can use these bonus funds to play free virtual Baccarat or Live Baccarat, while still having the opportunity to make a profit. At the best gambling platforms, you can also benefit from regular promotions designed to give players some extra funds and extra time on their favourite games. 

Try multiple Baccarat variants

In our opinion, the biggest advantage of playing Baccarat online is the variety of games available, which is more diversified than at any land-based casino. Since online casinos partner with multiple game providers, there are plenty of Baccarat variants to choose from. Some make use of a different number of card decks or else come with extra side bets to make the game even more exciting. In the next section, we are going to explore a little further the kind of Baccarat variants available online.

Online Baccarat Variants


Baccarat Online Variants

The best online casinos would have a good choice of online Baccarat games, especially Live Baccarat, where providers like Evolution Gaming and Playtech have come up with innovative ways to make this game even more exciting.

Classic Baccarat / Punto Banco 

Punto Banco is the name by which Baccarat was originally known. It is the classic version of the game and follows the rules we have explained in this guide: there are the 3 main bets on Banker, Player and Tie, and Banker wins have a 5% commission in favour of the house. There are many providers who offer classic Live Baccarat versions. After all, it is the most common variant of the game!

No Commission Baccarat 

As the name of this variant suggests, this version of Baccarat does not charge a commission on Banker wins. To compensate for this, the payouts might be slightly less than what is normally paid. For example, in Evolution Gaming’s No Commission Baccarat, if the Banker lands a win with a 6 the payout is 0.5:1. 

Speed Baccarat 

Speed Baccarat is an Evolution Gaming’s variant and as the name suggests it is played at an even faster pace than the traditional game. To cut the time by almost half, the cards are dealt face up revealing the outcome right away, reducing the round to 27 seconds instead of the normal 48 seconds. 

Live Dragon Tiger 

Another thrilling Baccarat version by Evolution Gaming is Dragon Tiger, so-called because it is played between a Dragon and a Tiger instead of a Banker and a Player. Another major difference is that each hand is dealt one card instead of the customary two, making it even faster. Live Dragon Tiger comes with an interesting twist in the shape of a side bet called Suited-Tie bet and it pays an incredible 50:1. 

Is Baccarat Online legal in New Zealand?

Online gambling in New Zealand is a somewhat controversial topic, as the government does not regulate online gambling and at the same time does not prohibit Kiwi players from joining an online casino operating offshore. This means that players from New Zealand can play online Baccarat with an online gambling platform located outside the country without any legal repercussions. Many players from New Zealand are already enjoying everything that online casinos abroad have to offer including playing online Baccarat games. 

Are Baccarat Online games rigged?

The first piece of advice we can share is to always choose a casino that is licensed and regulated within a gambling jurisdiction abroad. The online casinos we recommend are all regulated and come with excellent reputations. Their virtual Baccarat games are powered by a Random Number Generator (RNG) computer, which provides random results at every round. These highly advanced algorithm computers are checked regularly by both the game developer and a third party auditing company. In the case of Live Baccarat, the game is managed by a professional live dealer who deals with real cards. With multiple cameras streaming everything in close up detail, there is no room for foul play, and most of these companies come highly recommended. 

Play free online Baccarat from New Zealand!

Whether you are a beginner in the process of building your confidence or just someone in search of an online Baccarat game without the risk, you can play free Baccarat online at most online casino sites. Doing so comes with no strings attached and all players have to do is register for an account and head right away for the Table Games section to choose the most exciting Baccarat version to suit their mood. There are no time limits or other restrictions while playing virtual Baccarat for free, however, players must remember that if you play with fake money, all wins will be fake too. If, on the other hand, you prefer the interaction of a live croupier and the comfort of other players sitting at the same table with you, you will have to claim a special casino bonus as Live Baccarat games don’t offer a demo version. 

NZ$ 1 500 bonus.

NZ$ 800 bonus.


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