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Craps is unquestionably one of the most exciting dice games available, whether for money or just for fun.

Up to 16 players will play at once in a casino, making this a very competitive game. In an online world, however, the game becomes even more interesting.

To play online craps for real money, gamblers from all over New Zealand and beyond practically join the craps table. Let's get the dice rolling with all the information you need to know to play this game!

What Are the Best Casinos to play Online Craps in New Zealand?

You can't just go to some online casino and sit down at a table and play craps for a chance to win big. To compete against some of the best players, you'll need to go to one of the best online craps pages.

You'll still need to learn the rules and strategies, which is why we're here to help. Based on online craps reviews, we'll go over the best craps NZ casinos have to offer and tactics, and provide you with tips to help you roll the dice to victory.

We've compiled a list of all the best New Zealand casinos with the best Craps tables!

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Are Craps Online legal in New Zealand?

To put your mind at ease right away, when you gamble online from New Zealand, you're doing nothing wrong. There are no regulations banning private citizens from engaging in such practices, so playing at your favourite online casino would have no legal ramifications.

Let's move on to some other aspects and laws that control online casinos in New Zealand now that that's out of the way.
At this time, the Gambling Act of 2003 governs all online gambling practices in New Zealand. Since the act does not allow for the acquisition of local gambling licences in the region, there are no online casinos in New Zealand. It would be illegal to set up such an enterprise from a legal perspective.

Are Online Craps games rigged? 

No, it is not rigged. There, you are covered by government regulators. The two dice will land at random, just like any other real dice. However, you must pay attention to the odds and payouts because they can be more competitive in favour of the casino than at a standard craps table.

Why Play Craps Online? 

Craps online, like any other casino game, differs significantly from sitting at a Craps table in a physical casino.

Because Craps is a game with many rules that can take some time and effort to learn and master, playing Craps online has a number of advantages that will allow you to learn the game and develop your skills and strategy in a quiet and relaxing environment - whether it's your home or anywhere else you need to focus and concentrate.

Some of the benefits of playing Craps online are as follows:

Free Practice

There are websites that allow you to play Craps and other casino games in a demo mode for free. This allows you to learn the rules of Craps and get a feel for the game while also allowing you to practise your bets and build your own strategies - all without risking any of your own money.

Claim Huge Incentives

Online casinos will lavish you with bonuses that are typically much greater than those offered by land-based casinos. Make sure that Craps games are qualified for the bonus, and you'll have a lot of money to play Craps with.

Higher Payouts

Costs at land-based casinos are far higher than those at online casinos. They need to make more profits to pay for leases, buildings, services, employees, and other expenses, so they also take a higher House Edge (the portion of the wager the casino will keep).

As a result, land-based casino games are more likely to pay out lower winnings to players. It's worth noting that in New Zealand, online craps payback is usually between 98 and 99.5 per cent!

Online Craps vs Craps in Land-Based Casino

  Online Craps Craps in Landbased Casino
Play from your home

To date, live-dealer Craps games are virtually impossible to find in New Zealand online casinos, possibly due to the social nature of the game and the complicated betting choices and rules, or maybe simply due to a lack of sufficient demand.

So we're hoping that you'll soon be able to enter a live-dealer Craps table with other players and have the game footage streamed to your computer or mobile device.

Difference between Live Dealer Craps and RNG (Virtual) Craps

The action from a real functioning casino is streamed directly to your screen or mobile device with live dealer craps. The outcome of online craps is determined by a random number generator.

The random number generator (RNG) determines the numbers that appear on the dice, and as we've previously mentioned on our blog, you can only play craps at establishments that have gained confirmed certification from eCOGRA or iTech Labs.

As a consequence, you can rest assured that their random number generator (RNG) for craps games is both fair and random.

If you're just learning the ropes when it comes to craps bets and the rules of the game, the virtual version is recommended. Since it takes place in a more low-key, quieter environment, this is the case.

How to play Live Craps? 

Playing Craps Live is just like shooting dice in the bright lights of Sin City – the rules are the same. 
We'll show you how to get started and what to do next in the following steps. Believe us when we say that it's a lot simpler than it seems!

There are a few basics you need to know before we can explain to you how to play craps:

Many people choose to play more than one player to win at craps rather than split the winnings.

one player is designated as a "Shooter" for each round, but each player can bet any amount of money on the numbers that aren't thrown

And if the dice turn, which was known as a Come-Out Roll-Out, indicates that the winner or loser on the first roll, the game is concluded. However, if the contestant does not win the game, then they must play the specified rules.

Avoid the "expanding" by casinos where they don't allow you to bring your strategy sheet and betting advice: Bring only one half of your game details, a craps-specific strategy, and one chip money.

Consequently, we suggest that you begin by playing craps online where there are no limits to the number of wagers you can make because no matter how big or how small, all will be laid out in front of view.


Craps was originally known as crapaud, which translates to "Toad" in French. This was due to the fact that people who played the game used to squat on the floor (apparently because tables were not available...), forcing them to adopt a toad-like posture.

3 important tips to know before playing Craps Online

When we examine all of the different sites that give Craps in New Zealand, we evaluate each one based on a number of factors that enable us to provide you with objective conclusions and recommendations. The following are some of the conditions we take into account when looking for the best Craps casinos:

1. Know Basic Rules, Side Bets and Payouts 

Online craps bets come as a mixed complete set. Some of the wagers include:


Without exception, the Pass Line Bet is the most critical in online Craps. To the best of our knowledge, this is a wager made by New Zealand players before the shooting total was called, for the purposes of winning the game.

If the Come-Out roll is equal to or exceeds 7, the online bet is highly likely to be successful. This event happens when a player does not come up with valid evidence to support their guess, and the total is found to be 2 or 12.

Furthermore, when rolling, you will be given different values for the numbers you use, producing a new point. A bet is won if it results in that Point card being scored on an expanded board.


If a player has rolled a Point, they will be able to make this new bet by taking odds. There are several takeoffs at each stage.

A point of 5 pays 3:1, a point of 10 or 4 pays 2:1, and a point of 8 or 6 pays 6:5. Players from New Zealand will only win if a point is rolled before a seven.


These online casino craps bets follow the same rules as the Pass line bet. The only difference is that the player places a wager after deciding if the Point will be on the pass line or not.

The player bets on the pass line while doing the come-out roll because they are considered equal bets. After the player places their first bet on the first roll of the dice, the come-out is normally set.

However, if the come-out Point is repeated after a seven is rolled, other many rolls will make a New Zealand player a winner. However, if a seven is rolled, the player loses.


The chances on come bets are identical to those on pass line bets. The only difference is that on Come Bets, rather than Pass Line Bets, the players will be taking the odds.


Online bets are essentially the opposite of pass line bets. In this scenario, the player loses if the first dice roll is a seven or eleven.

The player, on the other hand, wins if the number is two or three. If the player rolls a 12 on the dice, the online casino will simply give them a push or a tie.


Again, the Don't Come Bets are the inverse of the Come Bets. If a player makes a come bets point and it turns out to be a two or a three, the New Zealand player wins.

If the number is seven or eleven, the player loses. A 12 is a draw, much like the don't pass line bets, and a player can only win on any other dice rolls if a seven appears before them all.


Once the Point has been decided, this online garbage bet will work. The payoffs for play bets vary depending on the amount that the player chooses to bet on.

New Zealand players, on the other hand, have the option to cancel the wager at any time.


The best online craps games are only good for one dice roll. The player wins whether he or she rolls a two, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve. If a five, six, seven, or eight is rolled, the player is forced to lose.

Field bets have different payoffs, with two paying double (2:1) and 12 paying 3:1. The other winning dice rolls only pay out in a 1:1 ratio.

2. Learn all Craps Betting Strategies 

You'll need to build a winning strategy in online craps games if you want to get the biggest payouts. If you put bets on the pass/don't pass/come/don't come, you'll have the best chance of winning big money.

For each of these bets, the house usually has a 1.40 per cent advantage, so you'll have a greater chance of receiving bonuses and faster payouts.

When you bet the right way, with pass and come bets, you have the best chance of winning, and this is where most beginners begin. Many players bet this way, and the pass and come bets usually result in the entire table winning.

On the other side, you can choose to bet the wrong way or on the don't come/don't pass choice. You'll almost certainly be betting against the house, and if the house wins, you'll lose.

Of course, the inverse is also valid, and you win when the table loses.

3. Plan your budget and your time 

Travelling to a land-based casino necessitates planning ahead for flights, hotels, food and drink, as well as taking time off work.

But you've already invested a lot of real money before even going to the Craps table and making your first wager. When you play online, every dollar you deposit is immediately credited to your online casino account and eligible for casino Craps wagering.

Which craps variant is the best for you?


It can be played against the bank (rather than against the house), and several players can be participating in the game at the same time. Next to a big rectangular craps table, both the players and dealers are engaged in conversation with each other. 


11 is a point number in Crapless Craps, along with 2, 3, and 12. The two ways to roll 11 in regular craps are winners on the come out.

There are six ways to win on the come out – the six ways to roll 7 using two six-sided dice – and no ways to lose by making all but seven a point number.

With six ways to roll seven and two ways to roll 11, there are eight possible come out winners in regular craps to go with the four losers.

Pass bettors will think that six winners and no losers are a better deal than eight winners and four losers, but there is a catch.

Crapless Craps has a 5.38 per cent house advantage on the pass line, almost four times the 1.41 per cent edge in regular craps.

The trick is that making point numbers with the craps numbers 2, 3, and 12 is difficult. Craps shooters make their pointless often in Crapless Craps, which raises the house edge.


This is a rather basic version of the game, but it also differs the most from regular craps. When a shooter rolls first, a 2 or 3 is completely overlooked, and the dice are returned to be thrown again.

They automatically win if an 11 or 12 is rolled. Any other number combination sets the point, and to win; a player must roll a total greater than the point. In high point craps, the payoff is even.

The house edge isn't too bad, but at 2.35 per cent, it's worse than regular craps.


This craps variant is, unsurprisingly, quite easy. The gunman only makes one roll of the dice. A win is determined by a total of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12. A score of 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 indicates a loss.

A game of simplified craps is really simple to get into, and the house odds are 2.8 per cent. Some of the other casino games have much worse odds, but a regular craps table always has the highest.


This game originated in the eastern United States and is played on a separate table called a double-end dealer. Come, don't come, and placing bets are not permitted in this edition of the game. Instead, players wager on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, or 10 in the boxes 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, or 10.

Players are given true odds, but the casinos take a 5% cut of all winnings. As a result, the house edge in New York craps is a solid 5%.


Not everyone who wants to play craps is willing to risk a lot of money. There are low limit craps games available for this type of player.

Low stake craps can still be a thrilling game to play, but since the pay-ins are so low, you don't have to worry about losing all of your money in one game.

There aren't many low-limit games in brick-and-mortar casinos, but there are plenty online. You'll also find a variety of demo games to play that don't need real money wagers and are ideal for practising and honing your skills.


Limits at online craps casinos seem to have changed in recent years. This may be because playing online has removed the thrill and social aspect of the game, and lower limits have become the norm.

Since online casinos want to satisfy their customers' needs, some have launched online craps tables with higher limits. Typically, limits begin at $1, with an upper limit that often exceeds $1,000.

This means that the games will now accommodate a broader selection of participants. They are taking into account the needs of both the more conservative player and the experienced high-roller.

How to improve your game 

1. Read our game & casino reviews 

Before investing your own money, you can get a feel for craps online, learn more about the various craps bets and strategies, and generally gain a better understanding of the game.

2. Practice for free 

Playing free craps online will make it easier for you. You can place bets without being concerned about losing money. When you're ready, you can move on to the real money craps table.

3. Watch streamers to discover new tips 

Through watching a streaming craps game, you will become acquainted with the game and learn the ins and outs. Follow some Craps Live game, which has been featured on Twitch and YouTube by many streamers. We suggest Derk Phillips and VegasLowRoller.

Play Craps on mobile

As you are probably aware, the mobile edition of a casino usually has a smaller selection of games than the desktop version. That is why you can search ahead of time to see if the casino where you have an account offers craps in its mobile edition.

To begin playing craps on your mobile device, you must first look into the available download options. Some casinos will give you a special connection via text message, while others will simply ask you to scan the QR code on the web or click on a download button.

Playing craps for fun will help you hone your skills and improve your morale before engaging in a real money game.

 Popular Live Craps Table providers

With Craps we have this page together to show you all you need to know about playing Craps. We bring you this comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about Craps based on their years of experience, strategy, and knowledge of the game. Craps rules, tactics, and, of course, where and how to play Craps online are all covered.

When we review the various sites that offer Craps in Canada New Zealand, we always analyse each site based on a variety of variables, allowing us to provide you with objective conclusions and recommendations. The following are some of the conditions we consider when looking for the best Craps casinos:

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