Wagering Requirements

A Simple Guide that Explains Wagering Requirements

When choosing a casino, the bonus is one of the first things Kiwi players look out for. Making the best from a bonus means knowing its wagering requirements. The below guide offers a concise explanation

What are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering Requirement explained: A wagering requirement is a specific term and condition that most casino bonuses, offers and promotions have as a requirement to claim that same offer or bonus.

In online casinos, the generic wagering requirement generally ranges between 35x and 45x. Any other wagering casino that goes below that range is referred to as low-wagering casino.

To give you the math of what we mean by a wagering requirement, take the example of a NZ$500 Welcome Bonus that requires a 40x wagering to be claimed. This means that if you bet C$1 for the game, to claim the bonus you need to bet that NZ$1 for 40 times – therefore NZ$40 – to claim the NZ$500 welcome bonus.

wagering requirement new zealand nz casinos
Understanding the logic behind wagering requirements and how these are reflected in your casino account

Why do New Zealand casinos have wagering requirements?

In New Zealand, like in Canada, online and land-based casinos have to have wagering requirements for their games. This means that each casino that is allowed to operate in New Zealand needs to have a wagering requirement clearly mentioned on their terms and conditions page. The wagering factor is crucial for a casino to obtain a license and properly operate within NZ.

There is another important factor in question when it comes to the importance of wagering requirements – that is, it avoids money scams. Imagine if a player signs up and claims a NZ$500 welcome bonus and then never returns to the casino ever again – that online casino would go bankrupt

Finally, having wagering requirements offers a safety net for both players and online casinos likewise.

Games contribution to wagering requirements

So you’re a Kiwi. And you have just subscribed to a new trusted wagering casino. How do you go about claiming your bonus with the stipulated wagering requirement? Well – online casinos are all about games, so really, claiming it is all about choosing a game and starting your bonus journey

The most common type of online casino game where you can 100% weigh your gaming is through Pokies games. By ‘weigh your gaming’ or rather, ‘Game Weighting’ we mean the % amount that a specific game contributes to your playing wager requirement.

Not all games contribute the same amount of weight. Table games such as Craps, Baccarat and Roulette for example, or any Live Casino game, generally only have a 25% Game Weighting value. This means that for the NZ$1 bet, only N$0.25 would be used for the wagering requirement.

Wagering of bonus money only / including deposit

In top online NZ casinos, there are two general ways on how a casino applies the wagering requirement.

The first way is when casinos apply the necessary wagering requirements and therefore bet the wagered amount only on the bonus money. For example, a 30x wagering requirement for a specific bonus is to bet 30 times on any amount desired.

The second way is that an online casino might choose to apply the wagering requirements to both the bonus and your deposit money. So, if the minimum amount of betting is NZ$20 and the wagering amount is x30, then the minimum amount has to be wagered 30 times to claim the bonus.

How to benefit despite wagering requirements

It’s all about doing your homework right. When deciding which online casino to subscribe to, we always advise our players to check the Terms and Conditions first and foremost. This gives them all the knowledge they need not just on wagering requirements but other crucial information such as minimum and maximum deposits, withdrawals etc.

When it comes to wagering requirements, the players need to be aware that online casinos do need these to get their bonus money back, whilst also giving the player a chance to bet cautiously – giving ample space for the new player to get used to the vibe of the new online casino as a platform, and the games it offers.

What online casino players in New Zealand generally lookout for are medium to low wagering requirements. We also suggest looking for games, such as is general with most Pokies, that have a higher Game Weighting.

New Zealand Casinos with no wagering requirements

No wagering requirement casinos – otherwise referred to as No Deposit Bonus Casinos – refer to those casinos that require absolutely no wager when claiming a bonus or an offer.

Though much rarer to find, one still can find a decent list of no wagering requirement casinos. Generally, these casinos offer much lesser payout amounts than normal casino bonuses.

Casinos with low wagering requirements in New Zealand

Low wagering casino bonuses are becoming increasingly popular, not just in New Zealand but also worldwide.

These low wagering requirements offer a balance for both player and casino – as for the kiwi player, the bonus would be more financially realistic to claim for a broader range of different playing budgets. On the other hand, the casino would still be safe on getting a decent bonus return, while still guaranteeing a level of competitivity to its players.

low wagering requirement casinos bonus new zealand casinos
Low Wagering Casino Bonuses range in New Zealand


All online casino players have heard the term ‘wagering requirement’ – but not all of us have known the actual meaning and reason behind the concept. With this easy guide, we hope that now you have a clearer grasp of what it entails – and we hope that you can use it to your benefit.

From our end, we always suggest looking out for the best wagering requirements and bonus conditions – and always keep a lookout for the best offers in town that include bonuses with lower wagering requirements.

Frequently asked questions

The wagering requirement is a term and conditions stipulated in each online casino. It refers to the number of times a specific bet is wagered in order to claim a bonus or offer.
Yes. By law, all online casinos that operate in New Zealand need to provide and clearly stipulate a wagering requirement for their bonuses
Low wagering requirement in New Zealand generally falls within the range of 1x and 30x.