Bonuses got you feeling like a superstar … No, a VIP!

If you’re gaming at any casino and see the following phrases: Loyalty or VIP Program, that means you’ve stumbled upon the casino’s VIP Bonus.

VIP Casino Bonuses area type of promotion offered to those players who are loyal to the casino and play regularly.

With this program, you can get rewards such as being able to play in tournaments, unique bonuses, better limits of withdrawing, fast payouts, and more!

The Best VIP casino bonuses in New Zealand

NZ players will be able to enjoy casino bonuses for VIP when signing up at a licensed casino and register for the VIP program. Then all you need to do is claim those fantastic perks!

Let’s take a look at the licensed, reputable casinos that offer VIP programs, and are available to NZ players:

CasinoVIP casino bonus
1.IceBet10% Cashback
2.HighRollerFree Spins
3.PlayfinaFree Spins, Cash Bonuses, Gifts
4.Joo Casino5-15% Cashback
5.BiamobetUp to 15% Weekly Cashback
6.Empire.io5-10% Cashback Bonus, Free Spins
7.BlueChip CasinoVIP Manager, Withdrawal Limit Increase, Cashback, Birthday Bonus, Gifts

1. IceBet – 10% cashback

When you play real money games you gain loyalty points to scale up the multi-tier reward scheme. You only need to make your first real money wager and you are on your way to enjoying loyalty rewards.

2. HighRoller – Free spins

HighRoller’s level-up loyalty programs is open to all players and gives out free spins each time a player reaches a new level. The spins are for pokies that you actually play! 

3. Playfina – Free spins, cash bonuses, gifts

Once you join Playfina, you’ll be automatically entered into its VIP club, a 15-level program with increasingly generous rewards. Each $25 bet rewards you a point so you can climb the VIP ladder. You can exchange points for rewards, such as free spins and cash prizes.

T&Cs for Free Spins Bonus
When claiming free spins, make sure you familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions first!

Playfina’s highest VIP tier could land you a Lamborghini Aventador!

4. Joo Casino – 5-15% cashback bonus

Joo Casino’s VIP program contains 25 levels and resets every season. Players can get 1 CP for every $7.50 placed in bets.

5. Biamobet – Up to 15% weekly cashback, gifts

Biamobet’s VIP program works by giving a gift for every single time players reach the achievements of each level.

Players will also benefit from a weekly cashback of up to 15% as part of this program.

6. – 5-10% cashback bonus, free spins works depending on your VIP level.

With this casino you can get between 5% and 10% cashback, as well as free spins.

7. BlueChip Casino – VIP manager, withdrawal limit increase, cashback, birthday bonus, gifts

BlueChip Casino’s VIP program is based on three levels: Premium, Gold, and Platinum.

If you’re a Premium player, you can expect a VIP manager, 100 free spins, and $100 bonus. You will also be given a 1.5x withdrawal limit increase, a 7% cashback as well as a bonus for your birthday!

Gold players also get a VIP manager. They also get 150 free spins along with $200, 2x withdrawal limit increase, and a 10% cashback. A birthday bonus, gifts, and event invitations also await Gold VIPs.

Finally, Platinum players at BlueChip get a VIP manager, together with 300 free spins and $1,000. There are no withdrawal limits for Platinum VIPs.

A 15% cashback, a birthday bonus and gift, as well as special event invitations and private promotions are also in store for Platinum BlueChip players!

What is a VIP bonus?

A VIP Bonus is a bonus that you can find at NZ casino sites to players who play regularly. 

These are tiered bonuses, normally. This means that the bigger tier you have, the more perks you will get. 

The bonus could be cashbacks, reload casinos, free spins and higher withdrawal limits.

Are VIP bonuses legal in New Zealand?

Yes, casino bonus offers are legal in New Zealand, as long as the casino is in compliance with the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003.

Most casinos have tools for Responsible Gambling tools to help players in case they need it.

Something else to keep in mind is that since online casinos deal with your money and are required to obey the law, they cannot operate legally if they’re not properly licensed with a valid gambling licence

All trusted online casinos in New Zealand ensure that they are equipped with RNG (Random Number Generation). 

This system works by having numbers or symbols in a game randomly generated, and eliminates a person’s ability to predict a future numerical result.

How does a VIP bonus work?

A VIP Bonus has a tiered structure. This means that players level up depending on how many points they get, which translates to greater rewards.

While the VIP Bonus can give players Reloads, Cashbacks, better rates of exchange, Free Spins, tournaments, and a VIP manager, this varies according to where you’re playing. 

Can I actually win money with a VIP bonus?

You can win money with this bonus, and get some of it back thanks to cashback and reload bonuses

We suggest playing games such as pokies with High RTP, to increase your chance of greater returns.

Benefits of becoming a VIP player

Here’s a list of benefits that VIP players can enjoy:

Deposit bonus with a huge amount (up = or +400%)

While this is a regular deposit bonus that matches deposit amounts by either 100% or by 200%, for high rollers this might mean that they get up to 400%.

You can use this Bonus Wagering Calculator before getting a bonus, to see the odds.

Higher deposit limit

Online casinos restrict both deposits and withdrawals – something you won’t get as a VIP Player.

Levelling up tiers mean that you add to your limits of withdrawals and deposits. Isn’t that fantastic?

VIP Club membership

Being a part of these VIP clubs, means you can have fun at events, rewards, and tournaments.

Special events, tickets and other personal gifts

Some casinos also give players gifts such as holiday packages, gadgets, or even restaurant vouchers.

Exclusive tables for high roller players

In all casinos, there are reserved tables for VIPs and high rollers. 

In some other cases, VIP members will have live dealer games reserved for them.

VIP casino bonuses vs other bonuses

VIP casino bonusFree spins bonusWelcome bonusCashback bonus
More Bonuses
High Limits of Withdrawal
Quicker Withdrawals
Account Managers
Welcome bonus

How to reach the VIP player level

The way players reach levels differs among casinos.

While many casinos award the level of VIP to players who are loyal, and who play a lot, some casinos provide memberships where you can subscribe.

Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

You can be the high roller…

Operators offer extra bonuses and personalised services to high rollers to keep these customers. Another reason is to elevate their experience. 

One reason is because casinos prefer players who make bigger deposits, risk more in their bets, and are on websites of casinos for a longer time.

…Or a constant smaller gambler 

For operators, smaller gamblers are customers of high value who go on the site and regularly play. 

This is because for the casino, you might become a player that plays for longer periods of time.

In the end, players become VIP by staying loyal to their casino

Loyal customers are given something back by the casinos as a thank you for their loyalty.

Whenever you play your favourite pokies at your casino of choice, always remember to stay safe out there! For more information on how to do so, we suggest reading our Responsible Gambling page.

Reaching VIP Levels

How to use a VIP Bonus?

Make sure you use your VIP Bonus to get the most out of it. Let’s take a look at how you can do so:

When to use the VIP Bonus?

First of all make sure that the bonus is used before it expires. Don’t forget: the VIP bonus expiry date differs from one casino to another.

How to withdraw wins with a VIP bonus?

To withdraw your funds, follow these steps:

How to choose the best VIP program for you?

Here at NZCasino, we suggest keeping in mind the following criteria to choose the best VIP program:

Withdrawal limitsPayment methodsLoyalty requirements
Variety of giftsAmount of the Bonus Available games with VIP bonuses

Withdrawal limits

Since, you’re limited on how much funds you can withdraw, even if you are a VIP member, before enrolling in such a program, make sure you are aware of the maximum limits.

The greater the level, the higher is the withdrawal limit.

Payment methods

Having more than one payment method to use is convenient and easy. Many casinos used by NZ players offer popular options like VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, and even Bitcoin.


Before claiming this VIP Bonus make sure you familiarise yourself with the casino’s payment options.

Loyalty requirements

Qualifying for the VIP program requires players to reach a minimal limit, which varies depending on the casino. 

This minimum limit could include: the whole amount deposited, wagers amount, and any other condition which you need to meet to unlock the next VIP level. Once you do this, you unlock the next tiers.

Variety of gifts

As part of VIP programs, personal gifts such as electronic gadgets, concert tickets, shopping vouchers and much more are offered by casinos. 

Amount of the bonus

The best way to see if a VIP reward is right for you is to check out the amount of the bonus.

If you come across a big amount which asks for wagering requirements that are low, we suggest you make the most of it and take it.

Available games with VIP bonuses

While often VIP bonuses apply to select games, this requirement changes based on the bonus kind being claimed. 

In some cases, VIP bonuses are offered on VIP-exclusive games only.

Solutions for common issues

Let’s face it: no one wants to be interrupted mid-play because of an unexpected issue. So, to prepare you in case this might happen, here’s what you can do to fix problems:

1. The bonus isn’t there

Should this happen to you, go to the casino’s Promotions page and see if it’s there. If not, we suggest contacting your manager.

2. Winnings cannot be cashed out

For withdrawals, you need to first satisfy the requirements plus other conditions. If you have done so, but did not solve the problem, talk to your manager.

3. The VIP bonus has disappeared

If your bonus disappeared, it could be because it expired.

If you think this is not the case, we recommend contacting the casino’s staff.

Frequently asked questions

A VIP Bonus is a bonus offered by online casinos to high rollers and regular players. 
Yes, casino bonus offers are legal in New Zealand, as long as the casino is in compliance with the New Zealand Gambling Act of 2003.
A VIP Casino Bonus has a tiered structure – meaning the more ‘points’ you gather, the higher your tier will be, and the better rewards you will receive.
You can win money with VIP Casino Bonus. In fact, these bonuses can even recoup your losses a little bit thanks to cashback and reload bonuses. 

Your casinos will be cleared

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