What will you learn from our Baccarat strategy guide?

Our guide will offer you some tips and tricks to help get you started in the world of baccarat. It’ll also show you the best strategies and their advantages when implementing the best baccarat strategy.

Every baccarat player, beginner or pro, should learn these strategies. They’ll improve your confidence, odds and may even increase your win consistency. This is why getting familiar with the best baccarat strategies is so important.

4 important tips before you started

Before you start learning any baccarat strategies, you should consider some important things:

  1. Get acquainted with the rules, bets and payouts

You won’t rack up some wins in baccarat if you don’t know the rules and major details. Therefore it’s best if you take your time to study these. Understand how the table works, and you can turn the game in your favour.

Then, consider the odds and bets. Players looking to use the best baccarat strategy should be aware the banker’s hand has a 45.8% winning chance. The player’s hand has a slightly lower winning chance, at 44.6%. A tie has a 9.6% chance of happening. 

Betting on the banker results in a house edge of 1.06%, the lowest in any casino game. By placing a bet on the player, the edge increases to 1.24%. Tie bets have the highest house edge, at 9.5%.

The game’s payouts are simple – 0.95 to 1 for Banker bets, 1 to 1 for betting on the Player and 8 to 1 for a tie. 

  1. The variant you choose can make a difference

There are several baccarat variations available. Ultimately, you should choose the one that has the lowest house edge. This will allow you to improve your odds.

If you’re looking for the best RTP (Return to Player) percentages, stick to No Commission Baccarat or EZ Baccarat. However, you should be fine by playing the base game since the edge doesn’t change that much.

Also, avoid side bets. These additional bets (pairs, big, small and others) have higher payouts, meaning they’re riskier.

  1. Pay attention to your funds

Sticking to a manageable bankroll when playing a baccarat winning strategy is one of the most important parts of any online casino game. Failing to do so may have huge consequences and can result in enormous losses. 

That’s why we always recommend creating a budget. Take note of how much you’re ready to win or lose and commit to it. Chasing wins is a vicious cycle that deeply impacts your bankroll.

  1. Manage your time wisely

Take your time to learn the game before playing a few rounds. By doing so, you can optimize your time spent at the table. You can control your bankroll with a good strategy and optimal time management.

Sometimes it’s better to walk away than to keep playing. As we’ve mentioned, stick to the schedule and walk away when it’s time to do so. It may save you a ton of money.

Baccarat Strategy Tips
Don’t forget these tips for a better gaming experience!

Baccarat is a simple game once you’ve learned the rules. Since Baccarat is a game of chance, the strategies’ goal isn’t to win big but to win consistently and make up for losses.

The one-sided Baccarat strategy

As the name implies, this strategy is all about betting on one side of the table – the banker or the player. Both sides have a low house edge, meaning the player has a good chance of winning.

Regarding baccarat’s true odds, it means players will have a statistical advantage over the house at some critical points in the game. This advantage is where they’ll gain profits from.

Some professional players recommend using this technique with a stop-loss. This involves giving up after a certain number of losses in a row – usually three to five. You should go back to the game when your chosen side occurs again.

Low house edgeCan lead to severe losses if you don’t commit to the stop-loss
Around 50% chance of winningCan’t bet on a tie
Very simple to learn

The trend switch combat Baccarat

When using this strategy, players should identify the current trend and switch accordingly. Generally speaking, this means changing your bet every two losses in a row.

For example, you start by betting on the banker. Next round, you bet on the player. If you lose twice in a row, you should change to the opposite trend.

Players may get lucky with both trendsNeeds a bigger stop-loss than the one-sided system
Lower house edge as trends changePlayers need the experience to identify the trend
Can’t bet on ties

Breaking the doubles strategy

This strategy is all about betting on the opposite of the zigzag trend. A zigzag trend is defined as alternate wins between the player (P) and banker (B), or vice-versa.

For instance, if the trend is B P B P B P B P, the players’ next bet should be on the banker. If a double for the player occurs (two consecutive wins), the player loses and must double their bet. The goal of this strategy is to win a double streak.

One of the most popular strategiesRequires doubling up when a double is lost
Requires some experienceDoesn’t allow bets on ties
High stop-loss

Card counting in Baccarat

Contrary to other popular casino games, card counting in baccarat is relatively easy.

In Baccarat, players start counting at 0. From there, they should add +1 for every Ace, 2 or 3. For a 4, they should add 2. On the other hand, if a 5, 7 or 8 lands, players must subtract 1. For 6, subtract 2. 10, J, Q and K are considered neutral, so no score is added. Check the table below for more information:

CardAction Required
Ace, 2 or 3Add 1
4Add 2
5, 7 or 8Subtract 1
6Subtract 2
10, J, Q or KNone

It’s worth betting on the player if the total is above 16, or banker if it’s below this number.

Allows players to track the progress of the gameRequires a lot of knowledge and experience in Baccarat
Lowers the house edgePlayers need to be focused at all times
Easier than card counting in other games

1-3-2-4 baccarat strategy

This is a very popular strategy for beginners and professionals alike. Many players love it because you only need to win the first two bets to profit.

This strategy starts with the following betting sequence:

1 3 2 4

You start betting $1. Progress to the next bet value ($3) if you win. If you lose, start the sequence again. Check our example of a round below:

Sequence NumberBet Value ($)Win/LossTotal Value

As you can see in the sequence above, you’re still at a profit even though you’ve only won two bets. Once you’ve reached a loss, you need to start over. You should use this strategy to bet on the Player or Banker.

Very easy to learnHouse edge doesn’t change
Helps minimise lossesDoesn’t offer the best wins

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is an old casino betting strategy used in many games. The rules are simple: double up after a loss and return to the original bet after a win.

Let’s consider the following losing streak:

Sequence NumberBet Value ($)Win/LossTotal Value

As you can tell, doubling up after a loss allows you to recover losses with only a single bet. After a win, go back to the original bet ($1). You’ll turn a profit as long as you keep winning those $1 bets. You can use this strategy to bet on the player or banker.

Easy to play and learnRequires a big bankroll
You won’t get the biggest payouts out there
Can lead to extreme losses

The Fibonacci strategy

The Fibonacci Strategy is another sequential system. It’s named after the famous Fibonacci sequence, which you can take a look at below:

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89

Players start betting on the leftmost number. If they lose, they move on to the next number. In case of a win, players should roll back two numbers. For example:

Sequence NumberBet Value ($)Win/LossTotal Value

This strategy allows wins to make up for your losses, similar to Martingale. However, it’s not as aggressive and doesn’t require a bankroll that big.

Less aggressive than the Martingale SystemRequires memorizing the sequence
Results in longer gaming sessionsConsecutive losses can have a deep impact

The Paroli System

The Paroli System is another sequence-based betting strategy. However, its goal is to accumulate three consecutive wins. When this happens, the sequence ends.

Similar to the 1-3-2-4 strategy, players should double their bet when winning. If they lose, they need to start over by betting the lowest amount.

Sequence NumberBet Value ($)Win/LossTotal Value

Consider the example in the table below. As you can see, obtaining three wins in a row can give you a profit. However, losing several starting bets or at the third bet of a streak can have huge consequences on your bankroll management.

Easy to learn and playConsecutive losses can affect your payroll
Can lead to consistent wins, as streaks occur frequently in baccarat
Doesn’t require a big bankroll

The Labouchere system

Contrary to other sequence strategies, the Labouchere System requires building your sequence. To build it, players must first decide how much they want to win. For example, say you want to win $20. In this case, you should build a sequence similar to this one:

1 2 4 5 6 2

To start, bet the sum between the leftmost and rightmost values: 1 and 2. If you win, cross out those two numbers and proceed to the next. If you lose, add the total to the sequence. Therefore, your sequence will look like one of the following:

2 4 5 6

1 2 4 5 6 2 3

Once you’ve crossed out all numbers, you’ll reach the desired win.

Allows for some flexibilityLong sequences can be hard to end
Players can control their spending and winsRequires a big bankroll

The D’alembert system

This betting system is very similar to Martingale’s betting strategy. But instead of doubling up your bet, you add 1 unit to it. In case of a loss, you should decrease your bet by 1.

Bet Value ($)Win/LossTotal Value

For better visualization, let’s take a look at the table above. You’ll realize that, despite winning only three bets out of five, you’ve managed to break even. This is one of the main goals of the D’Alembert System – to cut losses.

Lower bets compared to the Martingale SystemConsecutive losses can mess up your bankroll
Requires time and patience to turn a profitPlayers need a big bankroll

Which Baccarat strategy should you choose?

The good thing about baccarat is that strategies remain the same across all game variations. Therefore, you’ll be able to use any of these strategies. 

While strategies don’t guarantee wins, they’ll help you in the long run. The main advantage of using a baccarat winning strategy is to increase your odds, lower the house edge and minimize losses. And you’ll be able to do this no matter the baccarat variation you pick.

We can’t help you pick a strategy because they all have different advantages or disadvantages. However, if you’re a beginner, we recommend playing the simple betting systems until you become more experienced.

The best strategies to try when you’re new to a casino 

As we’ve mentioned, beginners should stick to simple strategies that are easy to learn. Thus, we recommend using these strategies if you’re new to casinos:

Baccarat strategies to play if you’re a pro 

Seasoned players tend to use complex strategies that change the house edge on the go. Some of these include:

Baccarat strategies that got the most wins

While baccarat strategies won’t guarantee you a win, they may bring you closer to one. Take a look at the strategies used by the top players in the world and see how you may improve your game:

Phil Ivey

One of the best poker players in the world, Ivey is also known for being a professional baccarat player. His strategy relies on “edge sorting”. This method involves looking at the subtle difference in card backs’ long sides. Therefore, players can predict the card value. This method was soon considered illegal, as Ivey deliberately tried to get dealers to turn the cards so he could see the edges.

Kerry Packer

Often called the “World’s Greatest Gambler”, Packer was a huge baccarat fan. Some casinos recall he used basic strategies and was getting better by the day. This proves that basic techniques, such as Martingale’s, can be quite efficient.

Frank Scoblete

Frank Scoblete is not only a baccarat player but also writes about the game. He wrote an all-time favourite – The Baccarat Battle Book. This book features all the major tips, tricks and strategies. If Scoblete wrote about it, he probably used it too.

General beginner mistakes that are easy to avoid

Baccarat is one of the easiest games to learn at a casino. It features simple rules, a small range of bets and a low house edge. For these reasons, it’s a player’s favourite.

New players should be aware of the most common mistakes. Avoiding these will ensure a fun experience and help you gain tons of knowledge about baccarat. 

The main mistake for those looking to make use of the best baccarat strategy is not knowing the odds and payouts. They may vary depending on the baccarat variant or casino, so it’s a good idea to keep track of these.

Secondly, don’t think you can beat the system. There’s no foolproof baccarat winning strategy or technique that will guarantee wins. It may even make you too confident, costing vast sums of money in the long run.

And third, betting constantly on the player is a common beginner mistake. You may think the 5% banker commission will ruin your winnings, but it won’t. The 1.06% house edge already includes the commission. This means you’re more likely to win by betting on the banker than on the player.

Frequently asked questions

Baccarat has one of the lowest house edges of any casino game. Depending on your bet, it may range from 1.06% to 9.5%. However, other variations of the game have a different house edge.
Usually, the base game is the most popular. Yet, there are several variants that are popular among beginners and pros alike. One of these is No Commission Baccarat, as it has the lowest house edge. EZ Baccarat is also very popular in online markets.
To a degree, considering it’s a game of chance. However, as you get closer to the end of the decks, you may predict with a certain amount of confidence what the next cards will be. Still, this isn’t enough to consider it a skill-based game.
If you’re not a fan of the refinement and etiquette required at casinos, you’ll prefer the online version. Also, the great part of online baccarat is the lower bets, meaning the stakes are smaller, allowing you to learn the game with a minimal risk to your bankroll. Alternatively, you can practice for free on virtual baccarat titles.

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