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Gambling laws differ from one country to another. We recommend that to be able to enjoy iGaming without breaking any laws, you should know more what the local laws and regulations say.

According to New Zealand’s Department of Gambling Affairs, “Gambling in New Zealand is illegal unless it is authorised by or under the Gambling Act 2003.”

To play it safe, always make sure that the casino of your choice, is legit and properly licensed.

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Gambling licences for New Zealand casinos

Typically, the online casinos that cater to the New Zealand market are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and other licensing bodies. The casinos provide the licence number and other details on the website.

Responsible Gambling

Online gambling is a topic that is still surrounded by plenty of skepticism. Responsible Gambling brings together a series of legislative measures and policies aimed at making online gambling safe.

Thankfully, online casinos are equipped with Responsible Gambling tools that help players set limits on their spending, curb time spent on the website, and even exclude themselves from any harmful activities while playing their favourite games.

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Gamble Responsibly! Always Play it Safe!

NZ tax on casino winnings

In New Zealand, there is a 29% gambling tax that is levied on winnings from games of chance.

Why do casinos ask for personal documents?

While it is always smart to ask why casino ask for your personal information, here are some genuine reasons why this is necessary:

For more information or to clarify any doubts, you can always contact the operator for more information.

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