MGA to introduce Responsible Gambling rules to protect players

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is set to introduce detailed Responsible Gambling player protection rules for licensees.

The decision comes after a “closed consultation” was launched last week by the MGA which will cover “licensees’ obligations regarding Responsible Gambling policies” as well as procedures. 

Responsible Gambling brings together a number of legislative measures and policies aimed at making online gambling safe by maintaining high standards and a safer user experience.

The introduction of “five markers of harm that must be considered by licensees when determining effective measures … to detect and address problem gambling” will also be covered by this consultation.

This, the MGA said, follows an expert-led review of its player protection directive, and research and the work of the MGA’s Responsible Gaming Unit by the regulator.

The consultation has not yet been published on the relevant MGA website section.

Since this is a closed consultation, only MGA licensees can make their recommendations regarding the document’s proposals, which will be presented as amendments to the Malta Player Protection Directive. MGA licensees have until the 14th October to do so.

The MGA also reminded licensees that they need to “draw up an agreed-upon procedures report” that explains the reason behind holding player funds and any potential winnings.

In its annual report published in September 2022, the MGA explained that it cancelled seven licences in 2021 and did not issue any licence suspensions. 

In 2020, the MGA cancelled 14 licences, and suspended three licences.

How NZCasino promotes Responsible Gambling

Although online gambling is a topic that is still surrounded by plenty of scepticism, thanks to Responsible Gambling, it has never been as safe and as regulated as it is today.

While many gamblers play for fun, some gamblers find it difficult to gamble responsibly, and allow it to take over their lives.

Responsible Gambling for NZ players
We want NZ players to have fun when choosing to play their favourite casino games.

To make sure players know how to play responsibly, top online casinos in New Zealand share this important information by dedicating an entire page to it.

We at NZCasino invite you to read our Responsible Gambling page which is full of tips, information, and points of reference should you need help.

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